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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Evening in the BB House

Well this week on the live feeds, we have a new HOH and new HG's scrambling for their BB lives!! Ladies & gents, meet the new HOH for the week:

Who will Brendon put up? Well, we will find out tomorrow during nominations! My guess is it'll be Britney/Ragan or Matt thrown in there somewhere. (Remember, Matt has the Diamond POV, so he's not going anywhere even if he's not nom'ed.)

Let's see what the HG's are up to!

Currently on the live feeds...

7:30pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Enzo said that Brendon was awesome at the comp, everyone agreed. They said it was tiring.

Britney is pissed that Brendon won't be "miserable this week". She wanted Rachel gone, and have Brendon get evicted this week.

Enzo leaves.

Brit/Ragan/Matt continue to talk.
The group starts talking about being on slop. (It looks like Ragan/Britney/Matt are the Have Not's). Britney hopes that Rachel was the saboteur and that they got her out quick like they did with Annie week 1. They discuss how the newest message from the sab was bullsh*t..."Love conquers all...neither may leave this week."

7:54pm BBT:
Britney/Kathy/(Ragan showering)

Britney is washing her hair in the sink. Kathy offered to help but Britney politely declined.

7:56pm BBT:
Dining Room Table

The boys aren't saying too much at the moment because Kathy is nearby in the kitchen.

Kathy joins the boys at the dining room table.

Kathy said the HOH comp was really hard. (Must have been because Enzo/Matt/Britney/Ragan said the same thing earlier.)

They talked about how the water pouring down made it even harder.

Britney & Ragan joined the boys at the table.

8:16pm BBT:
Sunset Room
Brendon ( Rachel. Wow, that's weird to type. lol)

Brendon is waiting for his HOH room.

**It is very quiet and awkward in the house without Rachel being in it.

8:39pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Enzo didn't like the "farm comp" today.

Enzo: "Give us a f**kin' 'Hot Wire a Car' comp or something. Shit, man! Be like, 'alright, get in the car, jack the radio, hot wire the car, first person to complete it, wins!"
Brendon: "You know how to hot wire a car?"
Enzo: "No. But it'd be fun to try!"

They all laugh.
Talk turns to when they think BB production will be done breaking down the HOH comp outside in the backyard.

8:47pm BBT:
Have Not's

Ragan is crying because he regrets calling Rachel a "witch" during the live show tonight. He said that's "not him" and he shouldn't have done that.

Britney: "Nobody but us knows what we've been through this past week."
Ragan: *sniffle* "It's good because I'm getting a lot of this out now. I know how lucky I am to even be here in the first place."
Britney: "Same here. Even if I go home next week, I made it to Final 8..I made it on the show itself. I have an experience that only a handful of people will ever have."

Ragan: "Right. We really are so lucky."

Lane enters and brings in some humor to cheer up Brit and Ragan.

Brit told Lane to put her out of her misery. Lane said he'll kill Britney and then Britney said to just put sunglasses on her and put her in the nominations chair and have Ragan speak for her. lol

Ragan: "It'll be like that movie, 'Weekend at Bernies'!"

8:58pm BBT:
Lane teaches Britney some "Survival By Lane" moves.

Lane: "Just in case you ever get cornered by a lineman, you'll know how to get out of it."
Ragan: "If I get cornered by a lineman, I won't wanna get out of it!" (*LOL)

**Alrighty, I'm out for the night! :) Meet me back here in the early morning for The Overnighter at around 9am EST. Until then, enjoy the live feeds!! G'dnight!!

Stay tuned...

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