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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday Night: Live Eviction + HOH Comp

Okay, on the feeds, the HG's are now off of HOH lockdown and are roaming the house getting ready for tonight's live show. West Coasters, unfortunately I don't have you covered anymore. The link is now a dead link. :( So you'll have to just follow along with the blog tonight as I blog about the votes as they happen and everything else you need to know! :D

8:17pm EST:
They showed the fight between Brendon/Ragan & Brendon/Britney
Next up, Brendon's ex-fiance. (This should be good. lol)

8:32 EST:
Enzo votes to evict...Rachel
Britney votes to evict...Rachel
Kathy votes to evict...Rachel
Ragan votes to evict...Rachel
Lane votes to evict...Rachel
Hayden votes to evict...Rachel

Evicted from the BB House is:


Julie said "This may not be the last time you see the Big Brother house." to Rachel.

The HOH Comp is a physical comp, not endurance...though the comp will take a long time to complete!

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6:10pm BBT:
Brendon is in the lead!!

Enzo: "Keep fightin', everyone!"

Brendon: 1st place
Lane: 2nd place
Hayden: 3rd place

The New HOH is:


**Bye bye, Britney or Ragan, one of y'all are going home this week. Let the drama begin!!

Stay tuned...
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