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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts & Happy Saturday to y'all! The weekend is here w00t w00t!! Last night, the HG's picked players for the POV comp and everyone except for Matt and Britney were picked. (Britney is hosting, though.) Lane got HG choice and picked Hayden over Britney, leading Ragan to wonder why.

The HG's also got another saboteur message yesterday, but at this point, they don't even care about the whole saboteur thing. lol Everything that the sab has said has been a lie (lifelong friends, Annie claiming she "escaped the block" when she didn't, saying that Brendon was throwing comps when he wasn't, and last week's message saying that there was a chance that Brendon & Rachel would stay in the house & yet, Rachel got evicted).

Okie dokie, let me go gather up the Overnighter and I'll start posting in sections! :D

**NOTE: The Diamond Veto cannot be used on the current HOH. (Been getting a ton of comments in the comment section asking about that.) Also, the D.V. can only be used on eviction night, from what I've read.

9:39pm BBT:
HOH Room

**Before Britney came in, Hayden said that Matt is freaking him out because he's been studying with Ragan.

Enter Britney.

Britney: "So I went down to the Have Not's room, and they (Matt/Ragan) are freaking out because you (Lane) didn't pick me."
Lane: "Everyone is freakin' out about that."
Britney: "They were like 'What, is he in an alliance with Hayden?' And I told them that I told you (Lane) that you'd be better off picking Lane anyways because it's going to be at least partly physical (the veto comp) and Hayden knows as much as I do about the mental stuff!"

Matt comes in and says Kathy/Ragan are wondering why Britney wasn't picked by Lane, but Ragan isn't totally freaking out surprisingly.

Britney, who was just saying that Matt thinks Hayden/Lane have an alliance (the same one he's in lol :P ), started to downplay what she said once Matt entered.

Britney said that BB made them pick for POV players because BB needs to personalize the POV Comp with the names of the players.

10:00pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Ragan was talking to himself about best case/worst case scenarios.

*Best Case #1: Matt wins POV and saves Ragan, Britney goes up, "they" save Brit.
*Best Case #2: Ragan wins POV, Matt goes up, "they" save Matt.

Ragan thinks there's a good chance that Matt will be the renom (depending on the POV results) and then Matt will get evicted. He got upset (sad) at the thought of Matt leaving the game.

Ragan: "It's just Big Brother. One experience in your life. They (BB) do not take you out back and execute you when you get evicted."

11:30pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Kathy was bitching about BB not giving her fish food to feed the house fishies and she's scared they're going to die because they're starting to get aggressive. Britney goes into a rant about BB using "green" products but they waste money by always having the lights on.

Britney: "Why we have to use Tom's products, but you (BB) spend like a TRILLION dollars a day on electricity!!!" (feeds go to bubbles immediately. lol)

Meanwhile, upstairs...

11:30pm BBT:
HOH Room

The boys talked about how Brendon is their "side alliance" and that they won't put Brendon up because they'll lose 2 jury votes, they need to let "them" put up Brendon and get him out.

Enzo: "Just like how Matty won't put up Ragan, we won't put up Brendon."

Enzo said that Matt DEFINITELY got "something" for opening up Pandora's Box, he thinks maybe $10,000.

Enzo continues about Brendon: they both agree to not ever put up Brendon and keep their side alliance with him.

Enzo: "If "they" (Matt/Ragan/Kathy/etc) win HOH and wanna put him up, do it! I don't care! But we're not doing it. They can go after our side alliance, and we'll go after theirs."

11:56pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Hayden: "Next week, who goes up against Brendon?"
Britney: "Kathy."
Hayden: "What if Brendon wins POV? Who will be the renom?"
Britney: "Probably Matt. Between you and me Hayden, if Matt goes up against anybody, I'm gonna vote Matt out! He's super sneaky."

Hayden said that the only way Lane is coming off the block this week, is it he (Hayden) or Lane win POV and take him off.

12:24am BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Lane asked Britney if she's mad that he picked Hayden over her (to play in the POV Comp today) and Britney said no. Britney asked what he thinks Brendon would do if Ragan won POV. Lane said then Brendon would have to decide if he wants Matt gone over her (Brit). Britney told Lane that he needs to win POV.

2:20am BBT:
Cabana Room

Matt asked the boys what would happen if Britney/Ragan were on the block against each other, where would the votes fall. Matt knows that Hayden/Enzo would vote to keep Lane, but he wonders who would Kathy vote for.

Hayden: "Kathy would vote for Lane to stay."
Matt: "Really?? Britney thinks Kathy would vote for her."
Hayden: "Well, maybe."

Matt said he'd need a reason to vote against Ragan, since he still wants to keep The Brigade a secret. Enzo told him to just tell Ragan that he's voting with the house and he has to do the same.

Matt: (to Hayden) "You sure you can get Kathy to vote to keep Lane?"
Hayden: *nods yes*
Matt: "Awesome! Then that's what I'll tell Ragan then." (voting with the house)

Enzo said he wants to tell Brendon to get Lane off the block and put up Britney and get rid of her, depending on who wins POV today. Enzo said he'll tell Brendon that Lane will "protect" him.

2:53am BBT:
Sunset Room

**Watch this on the Flashback Feeds. lol Hayden & Enzo say that they're gonna hang out after the show and Enzo wants to ride a horse. Something about telling a Jersey boy about how to horseback ride that is just so funny. lol

Enzo: "How do I drive a horse? I could die on a horse, right? Am I gonna be buckled in good? How fast do they go, bro?"

Hayden describes to him everything, while chuckling. lol Worth the watch!!

Back to game talk.
The boys still want Brendon to stay in the game and they both want Ragan out. Hayden is scared to be in the Final 2 with Matt because of Matt's "sick wife". Enzo is scared to be sitting next to Lane in the Final 2. Enzo also said that he still doesn't trust Matt because of how close he is with Ragan.

They talk about how keeping Brendon until Final 5 would work good because then Brendon could get out Matt or Lane out for them, and then they'd vote Brendon out the following week after they get him to do their dirty work for them. (This plan is brilliant: they use Brendon, someone who has nobody in the house, get to Final 5, have Brendon get rid of one of the Brigade members so that Enzo/Hayden's hands are clean, and then send Brendon to the jury house..both of them with 2 votes: Rach/Bren...if they send him out the right way, that is.)

Either way, it looks like Brendon might just stick around for a while longer.

That's it for the Overnighter! Starting the morning post right now!! :D

Stay tuned...

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