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Monday, August 9, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House + Veto Ceremony Spoiler

At 11:26am BBT, the live feeds went to trivia, which means that the Veto Ceremony is underway!! As soon as the feeds come back, I will post the spoiler below. (Britney has made it well known to everybody that she will not be using the POV to save Brendon or Rachel.)

Currently on the live feeds...

11:51am BBT:
Feeds are back!!

Britney did NOT use the POV.

11:51am BBT:
Cabana Room

Brendon called Britney "spoiled & selfish" during the Veto Ceremony.

Britney: "What he said today was classless and disrespectful. He doesn't love women, he loves YOU but not women in general. I am really angry right now, at him..not you."

Rachel is playing it off and crying (can't tell if it's real crying or fake) and saying that she had no clue that he was going to do something like that, which is a lie. She's just smoothing things over between her and Britney, to make Brendon look like the bad guy so that Brendon leaves this week and Rachel stays..just like Brendon wants.

11:58am BBT:
HOH Room

Ragan said he doesn't want to deal with Brendon or Rachel anymore, he doesn't want to go off on Brendon and "sacrifice his game play". Matt said that even if Ragan did go off on Brendon, it wouldn't hurt his game play because he'd probably be saying things that everyone wants to tell Brendon anyways.

Ragan thinks Brendon wants to leave, have Rachel stay and team up with Enzo and Hayden.

12:04pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Britney is telling the guys (Hayden/Lane/Enzo) that she's gonna hold auditions later on so that she make more alliances. (**Sounds like Brendon said something about Britney having multiple alliances.)

12:05pm BBT:

Kathy: "Fingers have a good chance of staying now." (**Not sure if Kathy is doing what the Brigade wants, which is to make Rachel think she has a shot at staying, or if she really thinks that Rachel has a shot at staying.)

12:17pm BBT:
Sunset Room

They seem excited & think that their plan might have worked.

Brendon: "Do you think it worked?"
Rachel: "You think?"

They're talking about how they think it might have worked, to get the HG's to hate Brendon and keep Rachel.

Rachel: "Brendon, thank you! I mean..I don't even know what to say. I will do what it takes to get rid of Matt (if I stay). I promise, whatever it takes. Every other HOH, I'll do what it takes!"

Brendon said he told the Diary Room what he was going to do/say before the Veto Ceremony started.

Rachel: "That's why (BB) asked us to switched seats."

**FYI: Enzo/Hayden were talking in the backyard just a few moments ago about still getting Rachel out, and Matt is upstairs in the HOH room saying how sweet it's gonna be to see Rachel's shocked face when she gets evicted on Thursday. As of right now, their plan did not work & probably won't. The Brigade just want Brendon to think it did and then surprise both on them on Thursday night when they vote Rachel out.

12:28pm BBT:

Enzo is pissed that Matt/Ragan are always together and that he walked in on them quizing each other.

Enzo: "Ragan is GONE next week, man! Matty doesn't quiz with us! What the f**k?!!"

Enzo: (to Brit) "Wanna make an alliance?"
Hayden: "When you brought up his balls.."
Enzo: "That was great!"
Britney: "When him and Lane get into it, he has nothing to say. But people he thinks are weaker, he'll come after! He's come after every single woman in this game!"
Enzo: "He's say shit under his breath (about Rachel) but not to her face."
Britney: "He's SO disgusting!"

They caught on to their plan because Brendon told Rachel "go first" during the Veto Speech.

Britney: "It was all an act!"
Ragan: "It was a carbon copy of Andrew's speech!"

Brendon comes out and joins them.

12:35pm BBT:

Brendon is telling a story about a guy he knows and Britney is being catty & saying stuff like "Mm hmm, of course he did."

She's making sassy comments, laughing, and being "mean girl" like. Brendon either can't hear her, or he's ignoring her.

12:44pm BBT:
All 4 feeds are on the boys (and Britney) poolside. Britney has calmed down for now & is just lounging, as the boys talk sports.

12:47pm BBT:
Britney is now mocking Brendon by saying that she was defensive coordinator for a football team once. (**The HG's often tease about how Brendon has had a million jobs and has done everything in the world.)

Britney is now saying that she's a liar..she's not even engaged, Nick doesn't look like what she told them he does, etc etc. She's clearly trying to provoke Brendon and make fun of him in front of him. Brendon hasn't said anything or acknowledged her...yet, and it seems to be pissing Britney off.

1:08pm BBT:

Britney is now in a bikini and in the pool with Lane. Britney is still being sassy and making fun of Brendon in indirect ways. Brendon is still ignoring her (or just doesn't get her jokes.)

2:10pm BBT:
Nothing much going on in the BB house. After Britney was done making fun of Brendon, she went in the kitchen and her & Ragan did a ton of Brendon bashing.

All HG's are scattered around the house and backyard, talking about music and such.

2:12pm BBT:
Matt/Enzo are studying for the next HOH comp at the dining room table.

Outside, Ragan/Britney are doing the same exact thing. They're going over the order of things that happened in the BB house. All 4 of them are practicing "Before or After" questions.

BB: "Enzo, please go to the Diary Room."

2:39pm BBT:

All 4 feeds are on Rachel/Brendon.

Rachel thinks their plan (to piss the HG's off and get Brendon evicted over Rachel) is working.

Rachel: "Even if they do suspect (what our plan is), Ragan and Britney will be such bitches about it (and want you out anyways)."

Rachel told Brendon that Britney thinks he hates women in general. They both agree that Enzo will vote with the house.

Rachel: "It's going to be so hard to be in the house without you."

2:58pm BBT:
HOH Room

All 4 of the HG's are training with more "Before or After" questions and they're quizzing each other.

3:08pm BBT:
HOH Room

Quizzing continues, now with Lane/Enzo/Ragan part of the quizzing. Once in a while, Britney throws in a "I hate him!" comment about Brendon, but then shortly after, goes back to Q & A's with the boys.

**Taking a break to cook & eat dinner. I'll be back shortly to start the Afternoon/Early Evening post! :D

Stay tuned...

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