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Friday, August 13, 2010

Morning in the BB House

Good morning BB fans!! The HG's woke up around 9:30am BBT this morning. Today are Nominations, so we'll see who Brendon puts up on the block and then let the games begin on the live feeds!! Okay, let's just dive right on into the morning report! :D

(By the way, thank you for all the get well wishes! I am feeling much better now, just fatigued from the end of the sickness, but feeling good otherwise! Thanks for asking, guys!!)

Currently on the live feeds...

10:16am BBT:
HOH Room

Ragan is telling Brendon that he was on 'Team Rachel & Brendon' until Brendon campainged for Andreew to stay.

Ragan: "That told me that you and Andrew had some type of deal and that you two were working together. The other thing was when Rachel had the melt down after she won HOH meeting.

Ragan: "The whole house was like 'what the f**k was that'? I tried to tell Rachel that she can't win playing that way. Then Rachel saying "Bring it on" during her nominations speech and saying it was just for tv."

Ragan is going into detail where the fall-out happened between Ragan/Rachel.

10:25am BBT:
Ragan is going through week by week, comp by comp, of where his head was at and what happened from his perspective.

10:42am BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Enzo said his back hurts today from last night's HOH comp.

Lane is playfully teasing Kathy..telling her that she should be used to carrying weight (like in the HOH comp) because of carrying around her gun and such for her job.

Kathy: "That's why my back doesn't hurt today, because I AM used to the weight!"

Lane then teases Kathy about her snoring last night.

Lane: "It was Devil Snoring! It was half snore, half devil talk! Like RAWWR RAWWR RAWRR!"

Enzo laughs.
Matt is in the room now.

Enzo: "Would BB do a Double Eviction two weeks in a row?"
Kathy: "They can do whatever they want."
Lane: "You have to request it, though."
Enzo: "Yea, go into the Diary Room and be like 'I'd like to have a Double Eviction for the next 3 weeks, oh and I need some Mach 3 razors."

Meanwhile, back upstairs...

10:48am BBT:
HOH Room

It seems that Ragan talked his way into Brendon's heart. Brendon said he connects with Ragan because they're both "emotional" and Brendon can tell when Ragan is being genuine because his emotions come out & that makes Brendon trust Ragan.

Ragan: "I'll be honest with you...if you don't make REAL DEALS this week, not bullsh*t ones, and you don't win the POV next week, you're gone."
Brendon: "I know that."
Ragan: "So just observe and think about how people act."

**It's so hard to follow & transcribe Ragan because he doesn't talk in complete sentences. lol He bounces around in his convos.

Ragan's motive for this whole convo is to talk his way out of being a possible nom today. He told Matt early this morning that "they" (Matt/Ragan) need to find a way out of getting nom'ed today.

11:01am BBT:

The boys are wondering what slop is, and Brendon said he thinks it's oatmeal with protein stuff mixed in it. He offers Matt/Enzo to go up and talk to him in the HOH room anytime they want.

Brendon said that the HOH comp killed his back & it was the most frustrating comp.

Matt: "I don't think I would have done well in that comp."

Matt said there's still feathers floating around outside.

Matt: "I saw two of them floating in the air today."
Brendon: "Yea, I saw that! Man, I think I'm gonna go out and sit in the hot tub. I feel like an old man, my back is killin' me!"

11:06am BBT:
Storage Room

Enzo said they should tell Brendon that they "got bullied" by the house, due to the house having the votes to send Rachel out this week, into voting Rachel out.

They wanna get: Britney out, then Ragan next week, then let everyone go after Brendon the week after by backdooring him.

Enzo: "It's dirty, but someone's gotta do it."

They said they still wanna keep Kathy until the end.

Enzo is worried that Ragan told Brendon that Enzo/Hayden knew that the house was voting Rachel out all last week.

Enzo: "If we bring Kathy and Brendon to the end, then we look good! It HAS to be Britney (out) this week and Ragan next week. It HAS to be!"

11:27am BBT:
HOH Room

Matt said that, good or bad, he will remember what Brendon does this week (as far as nom'ing or not nom'ing Matt).

Matt: "And I will win HOH next week."
Brendon: "You're a strong competitor, man."

Matt: "There's no reason why I should go on the block, if all the sh*t you and Rachele were spewing last week."
Brendon: "I do think you're a man of your word."
Matt: "Good luck, I know it's not easy."
Brendon: "I'll let you know either way (if you're going on the block)."
Matt: "Thanks man, I appreciate it."

They both leave the HOH room.

11:32am BBT:

Britney is telling Enzo that anyone who works with Brendon, is on a "sinking ship".

Britney: "That's the last person you want to work with."

Enzo agrees. Enzo said if he goes on the block, he's gonna put up Brendon/Kathy next week if he wins HOH.

BB: "HG's this is a lockdown, please go outside."

Britney: "We're getting our (Have Not's) food!! Wooo!!"
Enzo: "I was gonna say, it's too early for nominations."

11:37am BBT:
HG's gather around the BY couch for outdoor lockdown. Lots of non-game convo going on.

**I will start the afternoon post after the Have Not's get their food! :)

Stay tuned...

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