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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, everyone! Happy Sunday to y'all! :D I've been rummaging through the overnight happenings in the BB house already and it doesn't seem like much happened, so the Overnighter might be a short one. But there are a few things worth mentioning.

Also, tonight's BB episode will be the one where we will get to watch Matt open up Pandora's Box and watch Ragan accept the role as the new saboteur! It starts at 8pm EST and as always, I will open up the chat room at 7pm EST!

Okie dokie, let me go get the Overnighter and I'll post it in sections!

*NOTE: There was still a ton of Rachel/Brendon bashing last night. Frankly, I'm tired of hearing it (it's the same insults over & over again) and I know you guys are sick of it too. So I'm going to bypass all insulting comments/bashing/hatefests about Brechel.

10:33pm BBT:
The Brigade

Matt said he pulled Brendon upstairs in the HOH real quick and told him to tell Rachel (once she calms down) for her to stop her "huffing & puffing" around the house.

Matt: "I told him that no matter what she does, the nominations are not gonna change and it's going to be a long 4 days if she doesn't stop with her huffing and puffing. (Brendon) agreed and he was really cool upstairs..."

Matt said that Brendon asked him which way the votes are leaning and Matt (lied) and told him he wasn't sure. (**Rachel's leaving this week.)

Lane mentioned that during his talk with Brendon yesterday (at the same time as when Britney was telling Rachel that she's not using the veto this week), that Brendon said if he stayed, he'd put up Matt/Ragan.

10:58pm BBT:
Pool Table

Enzo planted the seed with Brendon a few days ago to align himself with Enzo/Hayden. (This is Enzo/Hayden's way of protecting themselves if Brendon wins HOH next week). Rachel thinks it's a good idea and told Enzo that she will tell him & Brendon everything she knows about the game before she leaves so that they can work together and win.

11:00pm BBT:
Rachel asked Ragan to talk and Ragan declined, saying that he'll talk to her tomorrow. Ragan said (after she left) that he doesn't want to have a "pointless conversation" with Rachel, since there's nothing he can do and she's leaving anyways. He doesn't wanna deal with the talks/drama. Ragan declining to talk, pissed her off.

11:17pm BBT:
Pool Table/Backyard Couch Area

Talk is about masturbation. Enzo/Lane/Brendon all have while in the house. lol Enzo said he just turns on his side while in bed and...(you know. lol) :P Enzo demonstrates...

Enzo: "You just pull off your shirt & *** in your shirt!"
Hayden: "What a minute, what time during the night? Because I was in the room sleeping with you..."
Enzo: "At like 6 in the morning."

Lane said he did it in the shower.

2:14am BBT:
Dining Room Table
The Brigade

Enzo told the boys how Rachel said she's gonna teach him everything she knows about the house before she leaves. Matt seemed less-than-thrilled, but Enzo thinks it's great because it gives them the advantage.

They talk about this upcoming HOH and all agree it doesn't matter if Brendon wins or not because: if Brendon wins, he'll put up Matt/Ragan and they'll have the votes to get Ragan out. If Brendon doesn't win HOH, then he's going home. If Ragan wins POV, then the renom will be Britney.

Either way, the Brigade will be safe this week.

Alright, that's it for the Overnighter! Oh, if you wanna watch Brendon/Rachel have sex, use the Flashback Feeds and start at 1:36am BBT.

Stay tuned...

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