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Monday, August 9, 2010

Morning in the BB House

At 9:08am BBT, BB woke up the HG's. Before I get into the morning report, I wanted to touch on a couple of things. In the Overnighter, I mentioned how Rachel said she was on a Sturgis magazine cover with Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, well thanks to, we have the picture:

In other news...
Matt won the Diamond Power of Veto when he opened up Pandora's Box.

So what can Matt do with the Diamond Power of Veto? Well, at either of the next two eliminations, Matt can use it and he can not only choose who to veto from the block but he also gets to select their replacement nominee.

Today is the Veto Ceremony, will Britney will not use it. (She's already told Rachel she's not using it.)

Currently on the live feeds...

10:30am BBT:


Rachel is working out.

10:32am BBT:
HOH Room

Matt thinks Britney will be able to "zip right through it", "it" being the Veto Ceremony. Matt thinks it's gonna be weird because how Brendon/Rachel are being moody..happy to bitchy. Matt said that Brendon/Rachel are bitchy this morning.

*NOTE: Brendon told Rachel last night that he wants to create some chaos in the house and get the HG's to hate him, including his Veto Ceremony speech. Expect some drama today if Brendon holds true to his word!

Matt is totally expecting Brendon to make a scene to try to get Britney to use the Veto on Rachel. Ragan thinks that this week is going be "so uncomfortable" this week but is looking forward to seeing Rachel's face when they announce a 6-0 vote to evict Rachel. (**The HG's are trying to make Brendon think he's going home this week, so that they surprise Rachel with getting evicted.)

Ragan: "It's going to be sweeter than honey to watch the expression on (Rachel's) face!"

Ragan & Matt are watching the HOH spy screen and Ragan is pretending to be Brendon and talking about movies and such.

Normal Brendon bashing stuff. Nothing new here.

Ragan said he knows what he's gonna say when he's casting his vote to evict Rachel this Thursday...

Ragan: "Julie, I wish what happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas! I vote to evict Rachel."

10:56am BBT:
The boys are now training for mental comps.

Ragan: "So, it's been...(counting)...60,000 minutes in the house...and...900 hours in the house.."

Enzo walks in.

A couple of minutes later...

BB: "Britney, please go to the Diary Room."

Ragan & Matt get out of the HOH bed because they know it's about time for the Veto Ceremony to begin.

Matt: "That's good, at least it'll be a quick one. Get it over with." (re: veto ceremony)

11:09am BBT:

Lane just told Matt that if Matt is in the Final 2, he'll vote for Matt because of his sick wife.

Matt: "Thanks man. Yea, the surgery is super expense." (**Wow.)

*The HG's are on Outside Lockdown. Veto Ceremony to begin any minute now!

(Keep refreshing...)

Stay tuned...

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