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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Overnighter (Cliffnotes Edition)

Good morning, BB addicts!! My apologies for being a little late this morning. There was a technical error that I needed to fix ASAP before I even started to think about doing The Overnighter. Gotta love it being Friday the 13th. lol :P

Okie dokie, let me just dive right on into the Overnighter! I'll be posting in sections, so refresh every 10 mins or so.

**NOTE: The flashback feeds for all day yesterday & up until 5am this morning, are messed up. So unfortunately I can't post any screencaps this morning. :( I'm sure Real is working on it, as they've always been top-notch on fixing errors rather quickly. So this Overnighter will be a cliffnotes edition.

8:16pm BBT:
Cabana Room
**I took this one screencap right before I went to bed.

Since the Flashback Feeds aren't working this morning, I can't give exact quotes of this conversation, but Enzo said that 'they' gotta get rid of Britney this week. (You'll hear more of Enzo saying this throughout the night during today's Overnighter.)

They both said that they feel lucky to even be in the house. Britney & Ragan said the same thing last night as well in the Have Not's room.

10:14pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Ragan spent a good bit of time crying last night. He first cried when he was alone with Britney in the Have Not's room last night, and as of 10:14pm BBT last night, he had another melt down.

Ragan: "I got too cocky and too mean. This is definitely karma."

Ragan then looked at the camera and said "I hate me too".
(**He told Britney earlier that he doesn't like being mean and he regretted calling Rachel a "witch" during his live vote last night. He said that's "not him".)

11:25pm BBT:
The lights in the BB house flickered on & off and the fans in the Cabana Room (which have never been turned on), turned on. The HG's were talking about how they think it might be a prank from the sab, but then production told them over the loudspeaker that it was a power issue.

12:40am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Matt went into the Have Not's Room to check on Ragan. Ragan said he feels "hopeless". He also complained about being on slop for "24 days" this season. Matt told him just has to endure it.

12:50am BBT:
Brendon gets his HOH room. All HG's join him.

*Brendon got a picture of Rachel in his HOH room.
*He got a letter from his sister. He got choked up when reading about his niece.
*He got a Weezer CD.
*He also got red bull, ice cream, snacks, a pic of him swimming, & new flip-flops.
*Brendon got a pink stuffed elephant wearing shades, he thinks his niece sent it to him.

1:05am BBT:

As Lane was taking a shower, Britney told Lane to just please be honest with her and let her know what's going on this week (if he knows she's going up on the block and/or going home).

1:13am BBT:
HOH Room

Kathy was being strong for Brendon and told him not to cry (he was getting emotional from getting a pic of Rachel).

Brendon: "I'm a man..I'll cry in the bathroom."

Kathy hugs Brendon & then goes downstairs.
Enzo/Hayden remain in the HOH rooom with Brendon.

Brendon leaves to go get a beer and Enzo said...
Enzo: "I'm starting to like Brendon!"
Hayden: "He's a good guy."

They both talk about how Matt is dead-set on getting Brendon out next week and they (Hay/Enzo) are NOT on board with that. They wanna keep Brendon because he "protects them" (Hay/Enzo).

Brendon comes back up to the HOH room & the boys do a 'cheers' with each other. Brendon said that he thinks Lane is the sab. They all talk about how getting Kathy out would be a waste of an HOH because they can just get her out at any point.

Brendon thinks that Lane, Britney, Ragan and Matt are in a 4 person alliance. Brendon said he'll call them up to the HOH room and watch them through each other 'under the bus'.

1:28am BBT:
Talk in the HOH room w/ Brendon/Hayden/Enzo continues.

Brendon wants to think who is best to put up. Matt vs Ragan and if one wins the POV, to maybe Backdoor Britney. But putting up Ragan and Brit scares him because Matt could win POV and then pull Ragan down then Ragan and Matt are safe.

1:48am BBT:
Pool Table

Hayden & Enzo told Lane about how Brendon thinks he (Lane) is the sab. Lane doesn't understand why Brendon would think that. The boys told Lane to not say anything to anyone because they don't want it getting back to Brendon that they told him.

Brendon/Kathy join the outside crew.

**And the trust in the Brigade has been broken right here...

1:56am BBT:
Cabana Room

After Hayden/Enzo told Lane to NOT tell anyone what they told him about their convo with Brendon up in the HOH room, Lane goes and tells Matt what Enzo/Hayden everything. Lane said that Hayden/Enzo told him that Brendons plan is to put up Matt VS Ragan and maybe backdoor Britney. He also tells Matt that Brendon is convinced Lane is the saboteur.

Lane told Matt that he would let Britney go at this point of the game. Matt said that he'd let go of Ragan. Matt said that it's hard because Britney and Ragan are good people and he wants to be able to keep them around as long as possible.

Lane said that if he wins POV he would take Britney off, just like Matt would take Ragan off if he won the POV.

2:25am BBT:

Enzo was talking to himself about how frustrated he was that he did so badly at the HOH comp. He thinks he lost fans because of it.

2:39am BBT:
Britney wants Lane to tell her a bed time story. Lane asked if she wants a sexual story as it will give her good dreams. (*LOL)

2:42am BBT:
Pool Table
Enzo/Brendon/Hayden (watching)

Brendon asked Enzo when did the votes started to switch today (to get Rachel out instead), & who was the driving force behind the change. Enzo said that it was the whole house, and says that he should watch out for Britney and Ragan.

Enzo said that he thinks it may have been the plan all along to send Rachel home. Brendon continued to press Enzo on who was pushing to change the votes and Enzo told him that Brit and Ragan were the driving forces behind Rachel being sent home.

**So apparently Enzo never did tell Brendon that he was staying this week after all.

3:13am BBT:

The boys were whispering about how Britney or Ragan have to go home this week.

Enzo said that Matt said that if he won POV, he'd take Ragan or Britney off the block. Hayden and Enzo worry that if he does that, then they may have to part ways with Matt. They are worrying about Matt's loyalties, they are concerned that if Matt took Brit or Ragan off the block, then Lane would go up and they can't have that.

Enzo says that Brendon has his and Hayden's back now.

*** flipping? ;)

Hayden and Enzo said that they may trust Brendon more than they trust Matt. They say that they haven't had a real Brigade meeting in awhile. They agree that they (Enzo & Hayden) are all Brendon has, so he will be totally loyal to them.

Hayden said that Matt is scared of Brendon. Enzo and Hayden both agree if one of them win HOH, they won't put up Brendon.

Enzo: "I don't understand Matty, is he the saboteur? He is always in the have-not room with Brit and Ragan."

Hayden/Enzo said that if they get rid of Britney this week, then Lane is back with them (The Brigade) 100%. They said that if Lane or Matt wins HOH, let them put up Brendon, who cares. But if Hayden or Enzo win, they wont put up Brendon or they will lose ground with Matt's side alliance.

**Note: During this convo, Brendon was outside the HOH room trying to listen to Enzo/Hayden's convo. Brendon then went down the HOH landing stairs quietly and then entered the bathroom. The 3 boys talked about music..a band called Red Hot Chili Peppers.

3:41am BBT:
Earlier in the night, Kathy overheard Matt (and I'm not sure who else, I believe Ragan/Britney as well) make fun of her eyelashes. They apologized to Kathy and said that they were just joking and that they love her.

Kathy told Brendon she wasn't buying their apologies.

3:43am BBT:

Hayden thinks that Matt & Lane are going to be looking out for their own good, their best interest, & not necessarily the Brigade's best interest.

Enzo said that if Matt wins the POV and takes Ragan off the block, then it's over with Matt.

Enzo said that he thinks by keeping Brendon in the game, it keeps the Brigade safe.

Enzo: "Brendon is a big target".

Enzo said that Matt & Lane are falling & that they are in deep (with Brit & Ragan)
Enzo: "Yo, they don't even look at us anymore, we got shunned!"

They finish talking, concluding that the Brigade has to get together and talk this out.

**That's it for the Overnighter!! :) I'll be starting the morning post shortly!

Stay tuned...

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