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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House + New Sab Message

Good afternoon, BB fans!! Thanks for all the get well wishes. :) You guys are awesome!! I think it's gonna be a laptop-in-bed type of day. I caught whatever flu bug is going around (didn't even know one was going around until I heard it from a couple of people today), so beware...and it's a nasty lil flu. Lots of body aches, throwing up, and dizziness with this one. Just a heads up.

The afternoon in the BB house has been uneventful. From napping HG's, to no game talk, and HG's working out..that's been the most excitement thus far.

Around 1:30pm BBT, Matt got his HOH camera and took some pictures. Rachel asked Matt to take a few extra of Brendon & herself, since they're being split up tomorrow. (Btw, Rachel is still slated to be the next one out the door tomorrow night).

Tonight @ 8pm EST, we will see the POV Comp & Veto Ceremony epsiode, which will also have Jeff & Jordan on it!! w00t w00t for that! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

1:42pm BBT:
A look at around the house. :)

*Ragan/Britney are on the HOH landing by the chess board. Ragan is counting things.
*Other HG's are roaming around.
*HG's are on inside lockdown.

1:57pm BBT:

*Britney is grabbing clothes for the night and moving out of her bedroom just for tonight.
*Rachel is painting her toenails, as Brendon tells her about last nights fight again.

Britney told Lane/Enzo/Hayden that her & Ragan moved things in the house (to confuse Brendon for tomorrows possible mental HOH comp) and to not tell Brendon.

Britney goes and hides a white plastic bird decoration behind the HOH landing couch.

2:06pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Rachel is telling Brendon that Matt is definitely lying about only getting the $1 card, which is the exact same one Matt won the 1st week in the house during a comp.

Rachel: "(BB) said that they won't go through bags unless they HAVE TO, like if something happened and they needed to. They wouldn't just do it. And Matt even said it himself that he got the exact same $1 card that he already had. Matt's lying. He got something else."

2:29pm BBT:
All 4 feeds are Enzo and Lane in the Palm Bedroom. Enzo is about to pass out for a nap.

A couple of minutes later, the feeds auto-switch to show Brendon/Rachel.

They're in the Sunset Room quizzing each other for the HOH comp tomorrow.

Quizzing stops, and Brendon paints Rachel's toenails. He's doing a surprise design for her.

Brendon: "No peeking!"

Talk turns about All Stars if they'd ever do it.
Brendon said she will be asked back for sure because she's so good at the game.
Rachel: "I'd have to prepare myself mentally, because I'm so emotional."

2:56pm BBT:

Enzo is hanging onto his Billiard Bowl proudly, as the others are talking about Matt's blog and what he wrote in it. Ragan talked about how him and Brit hid things in the house to confuse Brendon...random chit chat.

4:09pm BBT:
Living Room

At 3:40pm BBT, the feeds came back and the HG's said there was a new sabatour message that said something like:

"True love conquers all, dont sweat who goes home tommorow as neither may leave."

Enzo is wondering why the HG's are on lockdown so long for an HOH comp that should be a mental comp.

Matt: "All we can do is stick to the plan (of getting Rachel out)."

Rachel & Brendon are more than happy about the message. They're in the Sunset Room cuddling and talking.

**The Chat Room is open! See ya in there! :)

(Keep refreshing every once in a while...)

Stay tuned...

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