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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Evening Show @ 8pm EST + New Saboteur Message

Tonight's show will have the ending to Thursday's endurance comp, Nominations, and Pandora's Box (including Ragan accepting the role as the new sab). It should be a great episode!! So get your drinks & popcorn ready and meet me back here at 7pm EST and join me & other fans in the chat room!!

I'll be keeping my eye on the HG's throughout the day, so if anything major happens, I will definitely report it and if anything happens worth mentioning, you guys & gals know I'll be sure to get us all caught up tonight before I start the evening post tonight! (At 10:30am BBT, BB is just now waking up the HG's for the day.)

So take the day off, spend time with your loved ones that you've been neglecting for the past month, and then meet me back here tonight to continue our BB addiction. ;) hehe Or if you like, you can relax and watch the houseguests on the live feeds!

See ya tonight at 7pm EST!!!

New Saboteur Message:
Around 1:20pm BBT, the feeds went to 'We'll Be Right Back' and during that time, the Saboteur gave the HG's a new message. While it is unclear what the message said exactly (since it wasn't shown on the feeds), the HG's think it was geared towards telling them to vote Brendon out instead of Rachel and that the sab said something about Brendon "throwing comps" & "don't worry, you can discuss it in the jury house." Lane thinks maybe a double eviction this week.

In other News...
Jordo is back home & tweeted about BB.

Source: Jordan's Twitter

Stay tuned...
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