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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Big Brother 12 Season Ratings

Good afternoon BB fans! I figured I'd give y'all a report on the ratings for BB12 since there's been some talk about this season "sucking" and that the cast is this/that/the other thing. So, I went and did some research on the ratings for Big Brother 12. I figured that at half way through the season, ratings should give an indication of if BB is doing good, bad, and if it might or might not be renewed for next year.

Well, I'm happy to report that the ratings for Big Brother 12 are GOLD this year!! At this point, I don't see why (or even how) BB could or would be canceled for next year when the ratings are doing fantastically well!!! :D

Here's the scoop on BB12 Ratings:

July 8th: Premiere
7.35 Million

July 12th: 1st Sunday Show
10 million

August 5th: Thursday Live Eviction (Kristen)
7 million (#1 show on Thursday night. Beat out Fox, ABC, NBC, and The CW.)

The Nielsen Ratings: Top 20 Shows for the week of July 26th:
Out of the Top 20, BB12 was #10, #12, & #14.

FYI: "America's Got Talent" was #1 with 9.8 million viewers.

So as you see, the ratings are doing great!! Now, with Rachel going home this week, let's how the ratings go! Will they go up? Go down? Or stay the same? We'll find out! ;)

Stay tuned...

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