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Monday, August 9, 2010

Late Afternoon/Early Evening in the BB House

Today the Veto Ceremony was held & Britney did not use it. Either Brendon or Rachel will go home, though it's a 99.99% chance that it'll be Rachel at this point. In an attempt to try to get Rachel to stay in the house, Brendon said a few nasty words to Britney that included calling her "selfish" and "spoiled" during the Veto Ceremony. It also appears that he mentioned something about her being in multiple alliances. (We'll find out on Wednesday nights episode what exactly Brendon said to her). That was Brendon's way of trying to get the HG's to hate him so that they'd evict him, and keep Rachel instead. Rachel/Brendon think that the plan might have worked, but it hasn't...though the HG's are letting them think that it did.

Alright, now that we're all caught up, let's dive into the Afternoon/Early Evening post! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

5:13pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

The 4 of them are munching away on goodies and talking about the saboteur.

Matt asked what's for dinner and Britney said that Brendon was making fish.

Britney: "But if you want to eat from the hands of Satan, then go ahead." (re: Brendon)

Hayden is so bored that he starts to read the Triscuit box.

Britney: "You have a really good commercial voice!"

Ragan has woken up from his nap in the HOH room and joined the BY couch crew & so has Kathy.

Britney is telling everyone that Rachel went outside crying after talking with Brendon. She asked Kathy if she knew what was wrong, and Kathy said no.

Ragan said that he's going to tell Rachel that he can't handle seeing people cry or even "go in that direction" of crying. He shuts down. That's why he never wants to talk to her when she's upset. Ragan is also going to tell her that he doesn't see a friendship outside the house and he views BB like working a job and he will respect her in the house, but that's as far as it goes.

Ragan also said that he is going to tell Rachel that he can't stand Brendon so Rachel has her vote. (**Ragan said earlier that he was getting "a boner" of imaginging the look on Rachel's face when she's evicted this week because she thinks she's going to stay.)

Britney: "Perfect!"

5:35pm BBT:
Hayden & Britney are about to play a game of pool.

Ragan/Kathy are the only 2 left on the BY couch talking. Ragan said it's different in the BB house than the real world: you can avoid mean people in the real world, but not in the house.

5:39pm BBT:
Sunset Room

I can barely hear them...lots of obstruction with their mics.

6:57pm BBT:
HOH Room

Britney told the boys that she's going to (lie) to Rachel and tell her that she's voting for her. Brit also said that she's not having anymore baths with Rachel.

Britney: "She's on her period this week, that's wayyy too risky."

They all head downstairs.

7:01pm BBT:

Lane is shooting pool by himself, as Enzo runs laps.

Meanwhile, back inside the house...

7:02pm BBT:

The HG's are cooking dinner.

7:10pm BBT:

Ragan is lifting weights, Lane just lost a game pool...against himself. lol (He scratched on the 8 ball), and Enzo is still running laps. During one of his laps, he said he was going to hit "Johnny 5", the backyard camera.

(Keep refreshing...)

Enzo is finished with running laps & goes over to talk to Ragan.

Enzo said that Brendon was hearing all the jabs that Britney was making by the pool today and he was laughing at them.

Enzo: "I don't know why Brendon wasn't taking the bait. Maybe he thinks he's going home anyways. I think they both know they're done."

7:25pm BBT:
Lane & Enzo are calling a stainless steel bowl the "Billiard Bowl": whoever wins at pool, has to carry it around the house. (To bed, to the pool, live shows, etc. lol)

Lane: "See, right now, it's mine! So I gotta keep it clean!"

Enzo: "I'm so excited to play (pool) tonight right now! I'm gettin' ready!"
Lane: "You gonna dress up?"
Enzo: "F**k yea I am!"
Lane: "Maybe I should wear a tux!"

Lane shows it to the Matt & Hayden.

7:30pm BBT:
As Ragan is taking his mini-breaks from working out, he's telling himself facts about many votes have been cast to evict so far, etc etc. He's doing a combo of working out & studying.

**Alright guys & dolls, I'm outty for the night! The HG's are finishing up cooking dinner and then there's a pool tournament tonight. Meet me back here in the morning for The Overnighter!! Until then, enjoy the feeds!! :D

Stay tuned...

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