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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Evening in the BB House

Wow! Tonight's episode was great!! Okay, so we learned that Matt did NOT win just a dollar. lol He won the Diamond Veto (previously used in BB4), which means that Matt has the right to veto any nomination and he will also be able to choose the replacement nominee. He can use it during the next 2 evictions. Since he lied to The Brigade about only getting $1, this could become a little bit of a hairy situation for him...maybe. We'll see if he ever uses it and if so, if there are any consequences for him with the Brigade.

Also, if you didn't see the post below, there was a new message from the saboteur (Ragan) today. The sab hinted that Brendon has been throwing comps to keep Rachel in the house and "don't worry, you can talk about it in the jury house". A lot of HG's think the sab is Rachel, especially Matt. (**Little does he know, it's his side-alliance guy, Ragan. lol)

Currently on the live feeds...

7:05pm BBT:

Rachel & Brendon are talking about how Rachel can't be told what to do, ever. lol Brendon said that in a relationship or even at a job, if he doesn't feel respected, then it's over. (**Yea, I see their relationship lasting. lol)

7:06pm BBT:
Pool Table

Lane & Britney are playing pool together and play-arguing as always. Lane scratched and Britney is trying to tell him that because it was a stripe ball, now he's stripes. They are fighting like a funny old married couple. lol

Britney: "This is billiards basics 101!"
Lane: "No need to bring Hayden into this!!"
Kathy: (from BY couch) "Y'all just say sorry and be done with it." (laughs)

7:16pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Matt, with his hand down his pants as always, was talking about how he wants to workout tonight to the point of his chest "being sore". He doesn't think he's been working out right because he hasn't been getting sore like he used to.

7:24pm BBT:
Kitchen/Breakfast Bar

Rachel is talking about...come on, guys..say it with me...VEGGGASSSSS!!!! ;) lol Brendon asked her what kind of drunk is she: is she the type that would leave him and go off & party, or something else. She said she doesn't do public displays of affection when she's working because she can't do that in front of her clients.

Rachel said that if she gets too drunk, she'd make herself puke, so she can get drunk again. (**WOW.) Brendon said when he starts to feel close to getting too drunk, he just backs off.

Lane walks in and goes up the HOH stairs. Brendon asked him if he's ever been really smashed.

Lane: "In Houston. I threw up in the cab."

Rachel: "Did you start drinking again after that?"
Lane: "No, I was on my way back to the hotel."
Rachel: "But if you weren't, then you would have, right?"

Lane: "Probably would have had a beer."

Lane walks into the HOH room and finds Enzo on the floor, listening to Matt's CD.

Britney goes into the HOH room.

Britney told him that pool tournaments are about to start.

Britney leaves and goes back downstairs.

7:40pm BBT:
HOH Room

Enzo is telling Lane how Rachel has been training him about the house to study things on the wall, etc.

Enzo: "She's going home anyways, might as well learn from her before she goes!"

Enzo said that Kathy is acting weird now, Lane agreed. Enzo said before, she used to talk to Enzo all the time and now she doesn't. Lane said the same thing for him. It's making Enzo wonder what's up with Kathy now.

Enzo: "Why the f**k do I (feel like I) wanna talk to her now?"

They both laugh. (*LOL)

7:57pm BBT:

Lane is chasing Britney around and trying to trip her so that she falls down. lol

Meanwhile, outside...
Brendon & Hayden are playing pool. (They're having a pool tournament again tonight.)

Back inside...

Matt & Rachel are doing abs in the living room.

They're talking about the sab said "Rachel, Brendon is throwing competitions!"

Rachel: (laughing) "I wanna know who the sab is!"

They both think the saboteur is funny, not scary.

Rachel: "Do you think we'll get another saboteur video before Thursday?"
Matt: "I think we'll get one before Wednesday! I want him to say there's a double eviction. But instead, it'll be something stupid like 'I took the cap off the toothpaste'.."
Rachel: "He'll be like 'Matt, you might think that Ragan is your showmance buddy, but he's straight!"
Matt: "Well then explain the taste of c**k in my mouth."

They both laugh & then continue with abs class, or as Matt calls it..."Sexy Bitch Abs" class.

Matt: "I messed up once and called it 'Bitch Ass Abs'."

Rachel laughs.

8:24pm BBT:

Rachel & Matt's abs class is now over. Brendon lost his game of pool with Hayden.

Britney: "Welcome to the losers bracket."

8:27pm BBT:
Pool Table Area
The Brigade...then Britney.

Enzo & Lane are now playing against each other in the pool tournament, as Britney/Hayden/Matt watch from the sidelines.

Enzo made a crappy shot & is not a happy camper. lol

Next up for pool: Rachel & Ragan.

Britney: "Oh great, that means everyone is about to go inside."
Ragan comes out.

Britney: "You don't look very happy, Ragan." (re: playing pool w/ Rachel)
Ragan: "Are you a fortune teller? Can you read my mind?" (he giggles)

Time for Rachel/Ragan to go head-to-head!

Rachel comes out in sparking leggings and all the boys go "Woooww!!" at the same time.

Matt called them "church leggings", insinuating that she'd wear them for church. (*LOL)

Game on!

Enzo: (to Lane) "I'm in the winners bracket now." (He won against Lane.)

Everyone is joking how corny the saboteur thing is now. Enzo wants to audition to be the saboteur. (*LOL) Enzo said that he wants the sab to 'crack on somebody' in the about Enzo's bad breath or something.

**Okie dokie, I'm outta here for the night!! Meet me back here at 9am EST tomorrow morning for The Overnighter! Enjoy the feeds! ;)

Stay tuned...

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