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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Overnighter (Fight in the BB House)

Good morning, BB fans!! Last night on the feeds starting at around 10:13pm BBT, there was a fight between Brendon/Ragan and then Brendon/Britney. If you have the feeds, go ahead and watch the fight on the Flashback Feeds, camera 4 had the best shots.

Let me go gather up the pre-fight stuff (which is mostly done already), and I'll start posting in sections!!

8:38pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Brendon told Enzo & Hayden that he wants Rachel to stay in the house.

Enzo: "You just this girl and you wanna give her $500,000?"
Brendon: "I'm not giving anybody anything. I'm giving her a shot."

Enzo said him and Hayden have to vote with the house. Hayden leaves to go play in the pool tournament outside, as Brendon told Enzo that if he (Enzo) keeps voting with the house, it could come back an bite him in the a**.

8:43pm BBT:

Matt is telling Ragan about the convo between Hayden/Enzo/Brendon in the storage room earlier yesterday (when Hayden told Brendon that the "votes are split" right now).

Matt: "I was like 'Hayden! Now (Brendon's) gonna start asking me to break a tie', but then Hayden he told Brendon that it's gonna be a 6-0 vote either way."

8:50pm BBT:
HOH Room

Matt told Ragan that this weeks HOH comp is going to be a 2 Vs 1 comp...meaning that it's going to be Ragan/Britney Vs Brendon, so Ragan needs to really fight for it.

8:57pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Brendon told Enzo & Hayden that he wants Rachel to stay in the house if he had the choice. Enzo then starts discussing about Rachel & Brendon are 2 votes, but 1 person.

Enzo: "We need to be gentle with this guy. They (Rach/Bren) are 2 votes going into the jury house."

9:13pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Enzo: "I'm no scared of NOBODY in the house because of what we have (The Brigade), but you don't wanna cause any f**kin' fiction. Man, I'm getting tired of this shit. Tired of like..not doin' nothing (game wise). I'm about to tell Ragan to go sh*t in a hat, and Britney you better start crying..."

Hayden laughs.

Enzo: "Hopefully Brendon wins HOH, but if not, we (Enzo/Hay) win HOH do what we gotta do. I don't think Brendon's (gonna) winning HOH though. "

Enzo said that he thinks he's just gonna tell Brendon he's staying.
Enzo: "I'll be like,'re staying, so play (for HOH) and bang out! Boom. I don't care about f**kin' Britney and Ragan. I don't care about'em!"

Enzo: "We need to play our cards right on this."

9:5pm BBT:

(This convo with Raga/Rachel is what started the big fight later on.)

Rachel: "Ragan you seem tired."
Ragan: "I am tired. It's been an emotionally exhausting week."
Rachel: "From what?"
Ragan: "Well just..from everything."
Rachel: "..wanna talk?"
Ragan: "We can talk if you want!"
Rachel: "All I wanna say is, I don't know what happened, but..we were friends and.."
Ragan: "You don't know what happened?"
Rachel: "Please don't jump off at me."
Ragan: "I'm not. I'm asking a don't know what happened?"
Rachel: "I'm trying to say figuratively I don't know what happened. I'm not trying to attack or anything, I'm just.."
Ragan: "Okay Rachel, I'm gonna stop you right now and I'm not trying to mean or anything like that. Give me your hand when I tell you this.."

Rachel doesn't.

Ragan: "Well you don't have to (give me your hand), but my intent behind telling you that I'm not ready to have a conversation with you right now, wasn't to punish you. I'm just very self-aware of when I need time to cool off and...because I don't wanna go into a conversation with you and have it turn into a fight."

Ragan tells her how he shuts down in fights/arguments. He would rather use communication, rather than emotion like Rachel.

Ragan brings up how the other day, Rachel came out of the Diary Room, looked at Ragan and gave an evil laugh. Rachel said she was laughing at something that happened in the Diary Room.

Ragan: "Rachel, I saw you walk by and laugh directly at me!"
Rachel: "I honestly wasn't laughing at you! I'm sorry if you thought it was directed at you, it wasn't!"
Ragan: "Okay Rachel, I'm done. I'm done. I can't..I can only operate on the level of reality. I'm willing to talk to you, and talk things through, but.."
Rachel: "Why would I laugh at you?"

Britney chimed in and verified Ragan's "Rachel laughing at Ragan" story. Ragan said he can't deal with all her drama and theatrics.

10:11pm BBT:

Rachel stands up and says she will "bow out" of the convo and apologizes to Ragan as she's starting to semi-cry.

Rachel: (walking away) "I'm sorry..I'm sorry that I made it so that you can't enjoy being here."

The Fight:

**To watch this fight, go to August 10th @ 10:13pm on the Flashback Feeds.

As Ragan/Britney remain on the hammock, Brendon comes out and walks fast over to the two of them.

Britney: "Oh god, here comes Brendon."

Brendon: "Ragan, what's going on? What are you tryin' to say to her? You tryin' to f**k her up more, or??"
Ragan: "I'm not tryin' to do anything, Brendon."
Brendon: "You went from being her best friend, to being an asshole to her!"

Ragan: "I'm not being an asshole to her.."
Brendon: "You ARE being an asshole to her, F**K YOU!!!"

Britney & Ragan start laughing as Brendon said that Matt/Ragan are a pair or in an alliance.

Ragan: "You're so dead on." (laughing)
Brendon: "You're a f**kin' douchebag, that's what you are man. You both (Brit/Ragan) are f**kin' fake, man!! Seriously! You (Ragan) are L.A. to the T."

Brendon walks away.
Britney hurries up & gets off the hammock to walk up to Brendon and starts mocking the way Brendon walks.

Brendon: "Why don't you go get Nick's balls out of you purse..."
Britney: "You're one to talk!!"
Brendon: "KEEP ME! Keep me PLEASE! ..because I'll win HOH and I'll watch all you f**kin' cockroaches scramble!"
Britney: "Who's 'all'?"
Brendon: "YOU! (Brit) HIM!" (Ragan)
Britney: "Just us two?"
Brendon: "And HIM!" (Matt) "All f**kin' 3 of you!"

Brendon walks to the sliding glass door and goes inside the house, Britney provokes him and he opens it back up and tells Brit that her fiance "Nick is at home bangin' other chicks".

Brendon walks away.
Britney: "Yea, you're so cool!" *slams door shut*

Brendon walks to the Diary Room door but they don't let him in.
BB: "The Diary Room is temporarily unavailable."

10:24pm BBT:
As Brendon waits for Rachel to come out of the Diary Room, Brendon talked to us live feed watchers. He said that he's sorry if he seems like he's a crazy person, but he's "done" with the people in the house. They (Bren/Rach) are on the block and "they" can't even be nice to them.

Brendon: "It's been hard. I don't wanna look like an a**hole on tv, but I refuse to have people treat Rachel like that. We've done nothing."

Britney walks in from outside and goes in the kitchen to get something to drink.

Brendon: (low voice) "Britney is the definition of a bitch. Selfish."

Britney: "It's no wonder why your family doesn't support you, you humiliate them!"

Brendon: "Oooo good one!"

Brendon then makes a remark again about how Brit's fiance is hooking up with chicks while she's in the house.

10:48pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Brendon is filling Rachel in of the fight. (She was in the Diary Room).

Right before Rach came out, Britney took both bottles of wine that BB gave them, so Brendon went and took the white wine and went inside and took the wine bottle opener so that Brit couldn't open up the other bottle of wine. Kathy went in the house and asked Brendon if he had the opener and he said yea but he didn't wanna give it to Brit. Kathy told him to not stoop to Brit's level, so he gave it back.

11:10pm BBT:
HOH Room

They're doing their talk show, which they call "Just The Tip". Basically, it's a hatefest for Brendon/Rachel. Lots of bashing.

11:31pm BBT:
As Brendon/Rachel were talking in the Sunset Room, Britney listened at the door.

All Britney heard was Brendon talking about his schooling. She goes back outside and reports her listening-at-the-door to Lane/Enzo/Matt/Hayden/Ragan by the pool table.

**What she didn't hear was Brendon/Rachel saying how beautiful Britney is on the outside, but that she's ugly on the inside.

1:02am BBT:
Sunset Room

The two love birds had sex..again. :P

Moving on...

1:07am BBT:

The HG's are talking about how stupid it was for the new sabatour to take the offer because it's like they're saying 'i give up' in the game. They think whoever the sab is, will eventually get busted and that will ruin his/her game. Ragan stood by and kept quiet most of the time, usually chiming in with "mmm" or a "yeah" here & there.

2:02am BBT:

Britney said that she's embarressed Brendon got to her and made her cry. (She cried about the whole 'Nick is bangin' other chicks' thing that Brendon said.) Ragan said he's embarressed for being so mopey from the fight with Brendon.

They start in the Brendon bashing again.

3:23am BBT:
HOH Room

Matt is doing a series of "Worst Case Scenario" with his rubber duckies & action figures that his family sent him in his HOH basket a couple weeks ago. He's going over each option, each week, which weeks are critical for what, etc. It's a very interesting 10+ minute session of critical thinking from Matt. Definitely recommend watching on the flashback feeds.

**Okay that's it for the Overnighter! Oh, and if you're wondering who won last night's pool tournament, well...a picture speaks a thousand words. ;) lol

(**I'm sick as a dog today, think I have the progressively worse overnight. I'm gonna lay down and rest & let my body fight this bug for a couple of hours, maybe throw up a couple of times, you know..all that good stuff. I'll be back shortly.)

Stay tuned...
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