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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, fellow BB addicts! :D Happy Tuesday!! The house was pretty calm yesterday, with the exception of when Britney was (trying to) provoke Brendon when the HG's were poolside. There was a ton of Brendon/Rachel bashing, courtesy of Ragan and Britney mostly.

When I logged off last night, the boys were about to start playing a pool tournament to determine who would get the "Billiard Bowl" (as Enzo named it).

So who won last night? I'll tell y'all this morning in the Overnighter! ;)

Let me go gather it up and I'll be posting in sections!!

11:28pm BBT:
Pool Table

Lane/Ragan went head-to-head in the pool tournament, as Enzo/Brit/Matt watched from the sidelines.

And the winner is...


Enzo: "Look at how nice that Billiard Bowl looks, man!"
Matt: "The first one to win the Billiard Bowl!"

11:50pm BBT:
HOH Room

Just like Hayden/Britney/Ragan did the other night, they hosted another mock TV talk show. The topic of bashing: Brendon, of course.

The special guest of the night was Lane & his Billiard Bowl. lol

Britney said that Brendon won't go toe to toe with someone his own size, only weaker people like girls.

Ragan gives his "Tip of the Day" for future houseguests.

Ragan: "If you are lucky enough to make into this house of horrors..."
Britney: "Of house of WHORES!!"

(Kathy cracks up at that joke.)

Ragan: "When you make a speech, don't do lines that HG's have said from previous seasons." (Like "you got GOT", etc.)

Kathy goes on to say that Brendon's Veto Ceremony speech from yesterday was the same as Andrews during his eviction, and that Brendon probably told Andrew what to say for speech.

1:10am BBT:
Pool Table

Rachel was telling the boys how Matt has only made "bitch moves" in the game thus far, yet he thinks he's made power moves. Brendon said that both endurance comps were made for smaller people, not people like himself/Enzo/Lane.

Enzo: "5 minutes into the (HOH comp last week), I knew I couldn't do it."

Rachel: "So what Ragan did (last week) was, he figured he's safe with Matt being HOH, so instead of getting the blood on his (Ragan's) hands, he just dropped and gave it to Matt."

**Ding! Ding! Ding! Right you are, Rachel.

Brendon: "And here's something else: Matt opened up Pandora's Box & unleased a whole sh*t storm on the house..and he only won $1? Does that not sound fishy to you?"
Enzo: ", it sounds a lil fishy. Yea."
Hayden: "What sounds the most fishy is what you (Brendon) said the other day about the recycled dollar card."

Rachel said that she read in the BB handbook that there's ways to ask production questions in the Diary Room that BB can answer and that BB cannot lie for someone else (a houseguest). So Rachel goes into the Diary Room to ask about the recycled $1 card that Matt won the 1st week in the house. She came out from the Diary Room (about 15 or so minutes later) and said even though she can't tell them (Enzo/Hayden/Brendon) what production told her, she can tell them what questions she asked and they (BB) will answer them for them.

They know that Matt took the $1 card and put in his luggage, so one of the questions Rachel wanted to ask was if production could go into the HG's bags while they're in the house.

Rachel: "Make sure one of your questions is if the saboteur got an incentive."

While Rachel was in the Diary Room...

1:29am BBT:
Pool Table Area

Hayden told Brendon that if he (Bren) stays this week, he's gonna have to fight hard for HOH. Enzo said that they (Bren/Rach) are gonna be emotional seeing one of them leave the house and to not let that f**k up either of their heads for the HOH comp.

Enzo: "I want you to win HOH and I want you to flip this f**king house upside down!"

Hayden: "If you or Rachel do win HOH, where are your heads at? Who would you put up?"
Brendon says he'd like to either put up Matt/Ragan or Matt/Britney.

Brendon: "Put up Matt and Ragan and if one of them wins POV, then put Britney up next to them."
Enzo: "I'm on the same page as you, man."
Brendon: "Put them up next to each other and watch how fast they turn on each other."

1:50am BBT:

Brendon asked Rachel what the Diary Room said regarding Matt's $1 card and Rachel said he has to go in and ask the same questions that she did and to keep asking questions until he gets the answer(s) that he's looking for. Brendon gets pissed at Rachel for not telling him (she can't, she's not allowed) and walks away.

Brendon goes and studies the BB handbook. Later on, Rachel warned Brendon that maybe they shouldn't trust Hayden/Enzo as much as they thought and to watch what they say around them. Interesting enough, when Lane/Hayden were in the Cabana Room together around 2:30am BBT, Lane asked what new info Rachel told him & Enzo (since Rachel is giving them all the facts and knowledge of the BB house that she knows before Thurday), and Hayden didn't tell Lane anything. Is this Hayden's way of having one up on Lane for future comps and just for personal game play if the Brigade gets down to the Final 4? Possibly!

And that's it for the Overnighter! Starting the morning post shortly!! :D

Stay tuned...
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