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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans!! Happy Monday to y'all!! This morning I found out a couple of things BB related that I want to share with all of you. The first thing on the list is that the Big Brother 12 Finale is September 15th at 9pm EST. It will be a 2 hour finale.

Also, yesterday I posted a blog post on this years BB12 ratings and how well they're doing. Well if you were wondering if the ratings are up from the last year, then you'll be pleased to know that the answer is yes!!

Allison Grodner typically will announce that Big Brother is returning next summer during each seasons wrap party. This year, I am expecting to hear her say that it's been picked up for yet another season! (Hopefully!!!)

Okay, let me go get the Overnighter wrapped up and I'll start posting it in sections as always! :D

9:30pm BBT:
Sunset Rooom

Brendon wants to make sure that he gets evicted this week, and have Rachel stay. His plan? To get HG's to hate him..including Britney who holds the POV, in hopes of her using the POV to take Rachel off and if that fails, then he's hoping him "being a dick" (as Brendon said) will be enough for the HG's to want to get rid of him. Brendon said he'll continue to be nice to the few HG's that he does like & ask them for votes for Rachel to stay. Rachel really wants to stay in the house, but she doesn't want Brendon to do all of that, so she was acting coy at times.

Brendon: "I want to be your knight in shinning armor."

Brendon said that being a dick worked for Andrew, so maybe it'll work for him. (**Doubtful, but it'll be entertaining to watch on the feeds nonetheless! lol)

10:15pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Rachel, again, asked Britney to use the POV on her & Britney (again) said no.

Britney: "Regardless if I use it or not, the result is going to be the same. One of you is going home. And I hate it, Rach. I don't wanna be the person to seal that fate of anybody."

Rachel offered Britney the $5,000, and again, Britney declined it. Britney said that if she went against the HOH and changed nominations, it would look really bad on her (Brit) and she can't put that target on her back because she'd be the next one to go.

11:00pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Ragan started to imitate Rachel walking from the hammock to the sliding glass doors to go inside the house. He stopped at every mirror to check himself out, then made his way to BY couch to sit by Britney and the Rachel bashing started.

Britney said that Rachel always looks like crap and that you'd think she'd look better since she's always checking herself out in the mirror. Ragan said that if they continue to make fun of Rachel after she leaves, then "it's too much" and that means they've gone overboard. (**The Rachel bashing went overboard days ago, if not weeks ago. But hey, that's just my opinion.)

The Talk Show:
Hayden/Britney/Ragan used one of the BB cameras to do a mock TV Talk Show.

Ragan made fun of Rachel, stating that there's no need for her to tell stories that could be aired on TV about her puking while holding hundred dollar bills in her hand.

Britney made fun of Brendon's deformed toe and said it looked "diseased". (Ragan was holding up a used half of a lime and comparing it to Brendon's toe.)

Matt joins as a special guest on the 'show'.

Ragan: "Let's play a game of 'WWJD: What Would Julie Do?" (Julie Chen)

Ragan: "If you think you might want to show your vagina in the kitchen, just stop..and think...What Would Julie Do."

The topic changes to Brendon's toe: they called it the "sabo-toe" and other names.

**To watch this on the Flashback Feeds, start at 11pm BBT. It goes until 11:19pm BBT.

12:10am BBT:
Rachel told Enzo that if he (Enzo) was in the Final 2 (and not against Brendon, of course), then he'd have her vote. Enzo thanked her.

12:43am BBT:

Rachel was talking to Lane (who was showering) about motorcycles...about how she usually "rides bitch" (on the back) of a bike, but she's driven one herself.

Rachel: "I'm a choppers girl!"

Rachel said that she doesn't want to "toot her own horn, but.." she was on a cover of a magazine with Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, she's done Sturgis, and now she's on a reality tv show.

Rachel is talking to Lane as she's checking herself in the mirror, and ironically, wondering if America hates her or not.

12:57am BBT:
HOH Room

The Rachel bashing continues.

Britney commented (for the 2nd time in a couple of hours) that Rachel's eyeliner runs and smears under her eyes.

Ragan: (laughing) "She looks like a beat up prostitute!"

**I've had enough of this convo already, moving on...

1:00am BBT:
By 1am, Rachel is drunk...again. :P

1:08am BBT:
Pool Table

Rachel told Hayden that they (Brendon/Enzo/Hayden) need to work together after she leaves on Thursday and that she'll teach them everything she knows so that they can win the quiz HOH comps.

1:19pm BBT:
Enzo is still thinking it's best to let Brendon win HOH this week so that he can put up Ragan/Britney and then they'll vote out Ragan.

2:30am BBT:
Sunset Room

On camera 4, Brendon & Rachel had sex for the millionth time this season. :P

2:48am BBT:
HOH Room

Ragan said that if Brendon starts flipping out and terrorizing/bullying him and/or the house, he's gonna "lose it". He can't stand that stuff.

Hayden: "If (Brendon) starts banging pots & pans over my head like Evel Dick did, I'll do it right back to him when he's trying to sleep."

Enzo says that if Brendon doesn't win HOH this week, then Enzo is gonna go off on him...but just in case he does (win HOH), he's gonna keep his mouth shut for now. Enzo thinks that Brendon would nominate Matt against either Ragan or Britney.

Matt: "WHO CARES!! I have the votes!" (**...and the Diamond Power of Veto).

Enzo told Matt/Hayden how Rachel told him that Kristen told her that Enzo/Hayden/Lane are in an alliance together that can't be stopped. Enzo wants Lane to appear like he's only in an alliance with Britney & not the boys.

Enzo: "Lane needs to start hanging out with Britney more often, and Britney needs to start hanging out with Lane more often."

Enzo brings up the topic of how Britney cannot be trusted for anything. Matt totally agrees. Enzo said that Lane needs to "fake trust" Britney right now until they can get her out, but that him (Enzo) and Matt shouldn't trust her at all.

**..and that's it for the Overnighter!! Morning post to start shortly! :D

Stay tuned...

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