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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, everyone! Myself, along with other fans are still in the chat room chatting away while the feeds are slow, so feel free to hop on in!! I will continue to update the blog with what's going on in the BB house but some posts will be slow in between since everyone seems to napping at the moment. :P

Currently on the live feeds...

12:45pm BBT:
Cabana Room

All 4 feeds are on the two love birds napping in the Cabana Room at the moment.

**Random Thought for BB production:
How about for the next endurance comp, it's just a platform where the HG's have to stand on it. Nothing moves, no water, nothing. Make the platform wide enough for Brendon's size 12 feet so he can't say it was "rigged for smaller people". Whoever can stand not eating/drinking/going to the bathroom the longest, wins. And nobody can accidentally fall off and blame it on something. Each HG would have to purposely fall off. Just a I'm done fantasizing. lol ;) Just stop making the endurance comps too hard..make them EASY so that endurance is the only option they have! Okay, I spoke my two cents, I'm done now. hehe :P

1:10pm BBT:
HOH Room

Matt is saying how he thinks people think Matt is the sab. (**Ironically as the real sab sits in front of him. lol)

Matt: "I swore on my WIFES PICTURE that I'm not the sab!"
Ragan: "Matt, I honestly think that people in here know you're not."

They think that Brendon/Rachel will still call a house meeting. Ragan said that if they do, it'll be an opportunity for either Brendon or Rachel to accidentally expose themselves as the sab. (*LOL) Matt thinks that there's no way that anyone that isn't desperate at this point in the game, would take the role of being the new sab.

1:21pm BBT:
Storage Room
The Brigade

The boys are making fun of Rachel & Brendon asking production in the Diary Room about the whole 'can BB take stuff out of our luggage' question.

Lane: "They found out that live evictions...are on THURSDAYS!!"

They all laugh.

Hayden said that he asked and production said "no, but if they HAVE TO, then they would" (regarding going through the HG's luggage).

Lane walks into the kitchen and starts to put on his banadana.

He sees that Kathy is wearing her "SHERIFF" shirt and tells her...

Lane: "Kathy! I'm tryin' look bad ass today, I might need your shirt!" (*LOL)

Lane looks anything but bad ass...he's look adorabale! :)

1:39pm BBT:

Lane sees Britney taking his Billiard Bowl to the backyard and he starts to freak out. lol

Lane: "WHAT ARE YOU DOIN"!!!?!"
Britney: "Taking it outside for the next pool tournament!"
Lane: "I'm going swimming later, I want it by me!"
Britney: "Well how about I put it facing the pool and we can talk about it..."
Lane: "Tell Enzo he can't touch it! That's mine!"
Britney: (to Enzo in the BY): "He said you can't touch it.."
Lane: (to Kathy at the dining room table): "Did you see that Kathy?!"

A rather funny back & forth convo in the only way that Lane and Britney can do. lol :P

2:40pm BBT:

The 3 of them are playing Marco Polo. lol

2:46pm BBT:

The boys are cooking and talking about Brendon/Rachel make the house feel awkward. No game talk at the moment.

All other HG's are currently off-camera.

2:49pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Rachel & Brendon just woke up from their nap. Rachel thinks that maybe America hates her.

Enzo: "But that's good, though!"

Rachel thinks her "Don't mess with my man!" and "BRENDDDOONNN!!" comments could be irritating. They think that Rachel's comments might be on The Soup (tv show on the E! channel).

Rachel thinks that Enzo is like Casey from last season...very likable.

3:11pm BBT:

Britney said that she went into the Diary Room and asked if America voted on the sab and they wouldn't give her an answer. She also asked if the sab got an incentive to accept the role, and again, production wouldn't answer her.

Hayden: "There's gotta be an incentive! They have to know whoever they'd ask to be the saboteur, would most likely accept it."
Britney: "Yea. I think America voted. If America voted, it'd be heard to turn America down."

Talk turns to Kathy and how irritable she's been from being on slop.
Britney: "She's been funny, though."
Hayden: "I don't think (Kathy) is the saboteur."
Britney: "Me neither."

3:20pm BBT:
BB: "Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go inside and close the sliding glass door."

3:31pm BBT:
Storage Room
Brendon/Hayden (then Enzo)

Brendon told Hayden that he trusts him and asked how the house is voting. Hayden said right now, it's a split vote. (**Not true.)

Brendon: "You (Hay), Enzo and Rachel need to team up. She's smart. I'm going to call a housemeeting and call Matt out on the Pandora's Box thing."
Hayden: "Me and Enzo have to stay neutral during (the meeting)."
Brendon: "I want Rachel to stay."
Hayden: "I'm not going to lie, me and Enzo have to vote with the house, otherwise the fingers are going to be pointed at us."

Enzo enters.

Enzo: "Game talkers."
Brendon has the same convo he just had with Hayden, the Enzo leaves after agreeing with what Hayden told Brendon (voting with the house, staying neutral, etc.)

3:43pm BBT:
BB: "Houseguests, lockdown is over."

3:45pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Brendon is telling Rachel that he's going to be mean to Britney and Ragan, and he needs Rachel to be extra nice. He wants Rachel to seem like the lesser of two evils so that they keep her over him.

3:57pm BBT:
Brendon said he's not sure if he wants to do the housemeeting thing.

Rachel: "I don't want you to do it."
Brendon: "I'm going to do what I think I have to do."

Brendon: "You need to be more sociable, and I need to be less sociable."

4:17pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Apparently there was a bit of a tiff between Ragan/Brendon. Ragan told the story...he said that Brendon was in front of him and heading towards the sliding glass door, going super slow and Ragan stubbed his toe on the back of Brendon's sandal and Brendon turned around and said "Excuse you!" (**This is all part of Brendon's plan to piss off Ragan, and Britney.)

Enzo: "Oooooh! It's like THAT!! Ohh sh*t!!"

4:28pm BBT:
Brendon bashing is in full swing. Kathy has joined the Cabana crew and the bashing.

Enzo is talking to the fish. lol

Enzo: "Why you lookin' at meeee? I ain't you mother! I ain't Kathy! I'm not gonna feed you."

A minute passes and, as Matt said, Enzo's heart starts to get bigger. lol

Enzo: "I'm kinda liking this. They're kinda cute! ....(fish comes over to him)...Thank you! They're making me soft, now. Look at the one...he's cute!"

Something about a hard Jersey boy talking sweet to fish that just melts my heart. lol :P

Britney: "Enzo, you're cracking."

Talk turns to dogs. Enzo said he misses his dogs. Kathy talked about her dog that she had to drive to Dallas to get..he was on doggy death row and she saved him.

The cabana crew make fun of how Brendon's plan to piss Ragan/Britney off is so obvious and how they (Rach/Bren) are probably scheming on how Brendon can keep pissing them off even more, including but not limited to, punching Britney so that Rachel can come console her. lol

4:41pm BBT:
HOH Room

Enzo said he's tired of lying to Brendon. It's too much work and he's scared that if Brendon wins HOH, it's gonna come back and bite him in the butt.

Enzo: "I don't wanna play this game no more with him. I just wanna see him crack on Britney and Ragan."

Enzo thinks that once Brendon is on the block, and with Rachel gone, he's not gonna wanna stay in the game. Enzo thinks that Brendon would try to win the POV, but his head isn't going to be right...gonna be emotional.

Lane: "He's not gonna have his girl here to fight for anymore."

Lane said he wants Brendon to do a housemeeting. Enzo thinks that they should provoke Brendon into doing one tonight for entertainment..and he's being serious. lol

Lane: "If (Brendon) ever tried to chest bump me..."
Enzo: "Can I spit on him?"
Lane: "No, you can pour water on him though."

Lane is saying that Brendon chest bumped her today. (Not sure if it was shown on the feeds, if it was, I didn't see it.)

Talk turns to the saboteur.
Enzo thinks either there is no saboteur, or it's Kathy.

Hayden joins Enzo and Lane in the HOH room.

Stay tuned...

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