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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Evening in the BB House

HOLY MOLY!! What an episode!!! :D Matt used the Diamond POV, shocking EVERYBODY in the BB house!!!

Ragan was so happy that he was crying!! lol

If one thing is for sure, it's that the live feeds are gonna be on fire tonight!! So spark'em up!!!

Currently on the live feeds...

6:12pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Ragan & Britney took a moment to celebrate with a little dancing.

Britney showed Ragan the dance she did when she was about to go back to the living room from voting in the Diary Room.

Ragan said he is "SO HAPPY" and that it's going to be hard to contain himself.

6:17pm BBT:
Palm Bedroom
All HG's in/out of the room

Matt was saying that it was hard for him to not say that he had the Diamond Veto. He then said the DPOV was made crappy and it fell apart (as we saw on tv tonight).

Brendon's face says it all...

6:27pm BBT:

Enzo is pissed. (He didn't throw the comp, for those of you who are wondering).

Enzo: "If I would have won that, we (The Brigade) would have been safe! F**k it. Let (Britney) put me up. We'll see what's up."

Britney, who is walking around the house packing up Kathy's stuff, enters the bathroom and all talk between Enzo/Lane stop.

Enzo said that Julie kept saying "We need an answer now!" and rushing him, when they had plenty of time.

Enzo: "We had f**king 5 mins left at the end of the show!"

6:34pm BBT:
Palm Bedroom
All HG's (except for Ragan..Diary Room?)

Everyone still thinks that Kathy was the saboteur. Britney said that she's looking forward to her HOH room...she plans on taking lots of baths, eating lots of cereal (that she will get in her HOH basket), and she hopes she gets the "longest letter ever" from her family.

6:41pm BBT:
Britney said she forgot to ask the Diary Room for a few things to get in her HOH basket in case she won HOH. (She's been in need of mascara for a while now.)

Britney goes in the D.R. and her mic wasn't turned off. You could hear her ask if it's too late to request stuff for her HOH basket and a man (production) said "yeah".

6:52pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dining Room Area
All HG's

They wonder if there's not gonna be a Double Eviction this week.

Ragan: "Maybe it's this week."

Enzo is still very visably upset. He wanted to see a pic of his daughter and his wife so bad.

Brendon: (to Enzo) "Let that feeling drive you through this game. Let it push you."

All HG's are eating pizza.
Britney said she hopes she gets her Lady Gaga CD in her HOH basket tonight.

7:04pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Britney is talking about Nick and hoping that she gets her favorite picture of them up in the HOH room tonight.

Ragan isn't even really listening. He just keeps saying how happy he is that Matt is in the house, totally stealing Britney's thunder. lol

Ragan: "It feels like Christmas in August!"

7:09pm BBT:
Matt joins and Ragan is just BASKING in the glow that is Matt. He's saying how happy he is, how surprised he was, etc.

Britney said she was happy...then scared that she'd be the renom because she thought Brendon would pick the renom...then happy again when she heard Julie say that Matt had the power to pick the renom.

7:31pm BBT:
Dining Room
All HG's (except for Brendon)

Chit-chat is all over the place. Ragan can't shut up about Matt's surprise of having/using the Diamond Veto. Enzo said that as soon as Kathy was named as the renom, she knew "it was a wrap".

Britney: "Since I'm the last girl left, can I talk to y'all about my periods and stuff?"

They all plan on playing their nightly Pool Tournament again tonight.

**It's storming REALLY bad here, power went out (as well as my internet), I'm posting from my cell phone. lol I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter!! Until then, g'dnight fellow addicts!

Stay tuned...

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