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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House + POV Comp Spoiler

Good afternoon, BB addicts!! :D My sincerest apologies for taking a few hours longer than planned to get to the afternoon post. Sometimes life has other plans for you, no matter how good you plan for things. *sigh*

The live feeds went to trivia at 11:30am BBT this morning and they still have not come back on!! (WOW! What a long POV Comp!!!)

As soon as the feeds come back, I'll post the winner of the POV below and I'll start the afternoon post immediately!! :D

Playing the POV:


3:55pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!!!

(**OMG, come on BB!!! I wanna know who won!!! lol)

Brendon has a shaved head...

Winner of the POV:


Enzo donated ALL of his clothes and has nothing but the penguin suit. lol

Enzo is in the penguin suit.

Enzo: "Matty DEFINITELY won something, man! He's up there in the HOH room lying right now."
Brendon: "He won something! He thinks he has the game locked."

Brendon has to be chained to Britney.
Lane won a phone call from home.

4:03pm BBT:
HOH Room
Britney is crying in the HOH room to Lane saying her ONLY option is to get Matt out this week, and that means Brendon is gunning for her next week.

Lane: "You're not his target!"
Britney: "Oh really?!" (being sarcastic)

Britney: "I feel like everyone is using me this week!! I'm gonna have NO VOTES in this house! Why am I HERE!??!!"
Lane: "You're not doing anyone's dirty work!"

Britney said she got "nothing" in todays POV comp. (No prizes.)

4:09pm BBT:
Britney said that Ragan is gonna be pissed at her and gunning for her (as soon as she backdoors Matt on Monday during the Veto Ceremony.)

Britney: "This is more dangerous for me, than it is for you or Hayden."
Lane is calming her down, talking to her and telling her it's part of the game and she's making a bold move.

Britney: "I know he (Brendon) is coming after me! If he wins HOH during Double Eviction, he's coming after me!"

Lane: "I would never put you in harms way!"
Britney: "How can that guy (Bren) win against all odds all the time??!"

Britney: (crying) "I just want him to GO HOME! I'm SO TIRED of him being here!!!"

**By the way, if you're wondering how Ragan is feeling about Brendon staying another week, well... lol

4:21pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Enzo told Matt he has no idea what Britney is gonna do (as far as a replacement nom for Brendon). Of course, he's lying. They all still plan to backdoor Matty this week.

Enzo said he can't believe he gave all his clothes away. He misses his shoes the most. Matt said he had some nice shoes.

4:42pm BBT:

Hayden trimmed up Brendon's BB haircut from today's POV comp. :P

4:43pm BBT:
HOH Room

They're all talking about Matt. Britney said that Matt feels like he's untouchable this week and totally safe. Enzo said Matt being cocky gets on his nerves. Hayden/Enzo told Britney that she has "the 3 of them" (Lane/Hayden/Enzo) playing for HOH and protecting her next week.

Enzo suggested Britney talk to Brendon and patch things up so that he doesn't come after her next week in case he wins HOH.

Britney said that she didn't get anything during the comp...nothing good or bad.

4:51pm BBT:
Britney is talking about Matt always being around her, and how he had to win something during today's comp. They're all doing some Matt bashing. They think that Matt was the saboteur because the Diamond POV was for 2 weeks, and the saboteur was in the house for 2 weeks.

Stay tuned...
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