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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Evening in the BB House

Good evening, BB fans!! The show was delayed due to golf tonight (BOOOOO!!! lol), so it's on right now here on the East Coast as I start the Evening post. Let's get caught up on what happened on the Live Feeds while we were away, shall we? :D

*Brendon talked about his trip outside the house yesterday and earlier today. He said he went to Malibu, had a private chef from France, and it was the best food he ever ate. He also said he got a massage. He said his room was like an apartment.

*Ragan/Matt talked about how to get Brendon out next week.

*Kathy told Brendon that Kathy/Brendon/Enzo/Hayden need to "stick together" in the game and that Rachel told her (Kathy) to tell Brendon that. She also threw Britney "under the bus" during their convo.

*BB fixed the broken door to the Sunset Room. (The door kept sticking.)

*Enzo/Kathy talked and Enzo said he was gonna talk to Brendon to try to get Britney to be the renom. (Enzo/Lane/Hayden still want Matt out this week & Hayden/Enzo plan on talking to Brendon about getting Matt out sometime tonight while the other HG's are sleeping.)

*Enzo said he wants Ragan/Britney up on the block next week.

*Kathy thinks she's in an alliance w/ Brendon/Enzo/Hayden now, which now means she will vote the way they want her to. She told them that she'd put up "whoever is left" next week if she won HOH. (Brit/Ragan/Matt)

*Enzo/Lane/Hayden wonder why Matt isn't worried AT ALL about possibly being the renom this week. (He has the Diamond Veto, that's why he's not worried.)

Currently on the live feeds...

7:27pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dining Room Area

Brendon/Hayden are cooking dinner, as Lane sits at the Dining Room table. All other HG's are off-camera at the moment.

Britney has now joined the boys.

She tasted some babaganoush and didn't seem to like it too much, but she's eating it anyways. lol

Enzo walks in. Kathy is in the backyard.
Britney goes outside and sits with Kathy on the backyard couch. She told Kathy that dinner is done.

Kathy: "It is?"
Britney: "Yea, and it looks reallly good, too!"

Ragan joins the girls in the backyard and starts to workout.

Britney: "Protein shakes do not fill me up AT ALL!!"
Ragan: "It's pretty f**ked up that (Brendon) would make (me) a Have Not for the 3rd time!"

7:46pm BBT:
Pool Table

The two are playing a game of pool and chit chatting about non-game stuff.

7:53pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Enzo: "Us 3 gotta stick together, man. Me, you and Lane. We gotta win some HOH's, bro. Make some moves. At this point, we gotta show our cards. Who cares. I don't care about Ragan or Britney..none of them."
Hayden: "What if Matty stays?"
Enzo: "I don't care if Matty stays, because he's another vote. Because all he has is Ragan after this."
Hayden: "Who do we put up if we win HOH?"
Enzo: "Ragan and Matty."
Hayden: "(Matt's) gonna be pissed."
Enzo: "Could we put up Ragan and Kathy?"
Hayden: "And get out Ragan.."
Enzo: "(Matt's) gonna be pissed either way. Because if Ragan's gone, then he'll have nobody else but us anyways. Whatever (Brendon) wants to do. If he puts up Britney, she goes home. If he puts up Matty, he goes home."

Enzo is making fun of how Kathy thinks she's part of their alliance.
Enzo: "I love how Kathy talks to us (like she's aligned with us)."

Both of them laugh.

8:12pm BBT:
Hayden/Enzo are still talking. Enzo said if this week is a Double Eviction, he wants to win the 1st HOH because people won't really focus on who wins and evicts someone, they'll focus on the 2nd HOH.

Enzo said he wants the Veto Ceremony to be done already so that they know who's gonna be the renom. (**The Veto Ceremony is tomorrow.)

**Attention: There's gonna be a special "House Secrets w/ Missy" on the live feeds tonight at 9pm BBT/12am EST!! She did one earlier and it was such a big hit that she's doing a 2nd live chat!!

Around the House:
*Ragan is still working out in the BY.
*Britney is sitting on the pool table talking to Ragan as he works out about the Have Not's food.
*Hayden/Enzo are in the Cabana Room still. Lane just joined them.
*Brendon is in the kitchen talking to Kathy.

8:20pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Lane said he wants to play another game of dodgeball tonight before their nightly pool tournament.

Brendon joins the boys. (Lane is off-camera but in the Cabana Room with them).

Enzo is proudly stating how he won 4 tournaments and is the only one to have his name on the Billiard Bowl twice.

Lane: "You're not gonna win tonight, though!!"

**Okie dokie, I'm outta here for the night. Let me get some sleep & then I'll be back in the morning at 9am EST to start the Overnighter! Until then, enjoy the feeds!! G'dnight! ;)

Stay tuned...

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