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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans!! Happy Saturday to y'all!! :D Today the HG's will play in the POV Comp..the most important POV comp yet this season!! With Brendon and Enzo being on the block, and Matt planned to the renom if Brendon wins, this could be one very exciting week feeds!! Personally, I'd love to see the house to be shaken up a bit, so I'm pulling for Brendon to win POV, take himself off, then have Matt go up. What can I say, I love the drama of it all. ;) lol

Not too much happened last night, since the whole week depends on today's POV Comp outcome, so let me go gather up the Overnighter!!

10:20pm BBT:
Enzo told Hayden that if he wins HOH on Thursday, he is going to nominate Matt and Ragan for eviction.

12:55am BBT:
HOH Room

Lane told Britney that she needs to make a huge move in the game this week. Lane told Brit to backdoor Matt, keep Brendon. Matt is a bigger threat than Brendon, and Brendon doesn't have anyone in the house on his side. Lane said that if Matt wins HOH, he's gonna go after the "pairs" in the house...Britney/Lane, Enzo/Hayden.

Lane: "If Enzo or Hayden win the POV, they're taking Enzo off."

Lane offered Britney a Final 3 deal with himself & Hayden. Britney happily accepted!

Lane goes back to talking about backdooring Matt this week.

Lane: "We gotta get him out. He's going to win the game if we don't."

Lane told Britney that the only way to get Matt out, is by backdooring him. Britney agreed.

1:56am BBT:

Enzo told Hayden about what he was thinking: Enzo said if Brendon stays this week, they (Enzo or Hayden) can put up Britney/Ragan, tell Britney she's a pawn (just like how Britney has been telling Enzo all day yesterday after nominations, which is true that Enzo is the pawn), then if Ragan wins POV, they'll put Brendon up on the block in his place and just decide then who they wanna get out.

Hayden said that's perfect, because if Brendon wins HOH, he'd put up Brit/Ragan as well. And if Lane wins, he'd put up Ragan/Brendon.

2:20am BBT:
Cabana Room

Lane told the boys about his convo with Britney, and said that it'll be "us 3" plus Britney for Final 4, and they're all on board to get Matt out this week (though they're still acting as if the original brigade is still together when Matt is around them).

Lane:"Matts gone, and its us three and Britney."

The boys all agree.

(So there ya have it, ladies & gents!! The new Brigade: Hayden/Lane/Enzo/Britney)

**Okay, that's it for this short version of the Overnighter! I'll be back around 10am BBT to start updates. :D

(Keep refreshing as I update...)

Stay tuned...

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