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Friday, July 30, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House + Luxury Comp

At 10:58am BBT, the live feeds switched to trivia, which means the Luxury Comp has started!! :D

Once the feeds come back on, I will start the Afternoon post. If you haven't yet caught the Morning post, please do so. The convo between Brendon/Hayden is very important! Hayden found out that Matt (lied?) to Hayden and is trying to pin Hayden/Kristen against Brendon/Rachel by telling Hayden that Rach/Bren were gonna nominate them if/when they won HOH. The Brigade is no longer full of trust. ;)

Okay, while we're waiting...

This morning in the Overnighter, I posted the 1st "Big Brother Cynic" article from Drew. Well, if you loved that one, then check out the 2nd article of the "Big Brother Cynic"! Enjoy! ;)

Currently on the live feeds...

12:50pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

It seems that Brendon/Rachel/Enzo won a movie in the luxury comp! Matt is pissed that he was 5 seconds away. All the HG's are wearing some sort of prison/police gear.

1:05pm BBT:
HOH Room

Not having too much time today to talk to all the HG's, Enzo is up first to talk to Rachel.

Enzo told Rachel that they (Bren/Rach) would safe if he (Enzo) won HOH. He also claimed that he has no alliances in the house. Brendon asked Enzo to swear on his daughter that he won't put'em up if he wins HOH. Enzo didn't swear but said "I won't put you guys up or backdoor you." and "No doubt, no doubt" when Brendon asked him "On your family, right?".

Enzo leaves.
Rachel/Brendon talk & say that they believe Enzo in everything he said.

Kathy enters.

1:15pm BBT:
HOH Room

It is now Kathy's turn to plead her case to not get nom'ed. Kathy told Brendon/Rach that she's not a floater, she needs to be in the game, she's a cancer surivor, etc etc. Nothing y'all haven't heard before. :P

Kathy: "I'm not a threat to you two, I can be a vote in the Jury House!"

Brendon asked if she'd throw them up on the block if she won HOH, she said she wouldn't. Kathy asked them to just please let her know ahead of time if she's going up on the block.

1:20pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Enzo told Hayden & Lane that if Kristen is against a Brigade member on the block and she (Krist) wins POV, then they need to make up a lie about a floater like Britney to get Brendon/Rachel to put that person up instead of another Brigade member in order to keep them safe this week. Enzo also said he was pissed that Brendon made him swear on his daughter.

Matt: "If they ask me to swear on something, I'll tell them to eff off! I don't like that sh*t."

Enzo told them to say anything, promise anything, and they'll get Brendon or Rachel out next week. Just lie for now. That's all they can do.

1:41pm BBT:
HOH Room

Same song and dance...Brendon asked Lane to give his word that he won't put them up if they keep him safe this week. Lane agrees. Leaves the room. Brendon/Rachel believe him.

1:59pm BBT:
HOH Room

It's Britney's turn now. They tell Britney that she's a good friend and want her in the house. Britney is safe this week.

2:15pm BBT:
HOH Room

The girls are talking...well, more like Rachel is yelling at Kristen and Kristen is "talking" with her voice raised.

They are hashing everything they were good friends a couple of weeks ago, Rachel is saying that Kristen targeted Rachel out of the blue.

2:27pm BBT:
Kristen said she's sorry for not communicating with Rachel, she expects people to just go to her when they have a problem with her, and she needs to change that way of thinking. She said she IS a warming and caring person, but unless she's told that there's a problem with her, she's totally blind to any and all problems.

Kristen did a lot tail-between-her-legs sorry's. They are going through each & every problem, each of their points of views, and trying to find a common ground.

**The feeds are non-stop today!! Turn'em on if you got'em!!

2:38pm BBT:
Rachel told Kristen she thinks if she stays safe this week, that she'll come after her next week.

Kristen: "It's tit for tat in this house! You keep me safe, I keep you safe. You do what's best for you and smartest for you. If you put me up, it might the smartest move or the worst move..who knows how it'll play out. I don't wanna argue the way we did ever again. The only reason why I never accepted your apology is because I was still heated and I felt that a lot of things that we said in pubic were not true, might have thought everything is TRUE, but in my mind, everything was lies! So I felt very attacked. I'd like to play this game as clean as possible."

Rachel: "Why did you not last long in the surf board comp?"
Kristen: "I slipped..I should have faced the other way. I'm a sore..SORE loser! I wouldn't throw a comp! I swear on my mothers LIFE! ...I did NOT throw that comp!"

2:59pm BBT:
The girls are still talking. They are now laughing with each other.

3:55pm BBT:
Kristen/Rachel are still talking up in the HOH room. Current topic are competitors in the house and how strong the women are. Their convo has been going on for nearly 2 hours now.

3:55pm BBT:
Cabana Room

They're talking about how Kristen is still up in the HOH room and how Matt won't have one-on-one time before the nomination ceremony.

Enzo: "Matt don't even wanna go up there, though."

Kathy & Brendon join the Cabana crew.

Brendon is breaking up garlic cloves. Enzo asked him if he was eating them like that, Brendon said no & that if you ate a garlic glove, it'd burn your mouth like a pepper, but a "different kind of burn".

4:05pm BBT:
Rachel's convo with Kristen is finally over! Next up, Matt.

4:06pm BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel said she's not putting Matt up this week & she "totally respects" Matt.

Stay tuned...

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