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Friday, July 30, 2010

Early Evening in the BB House + Nominations

At 4:39pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia!! The Nominations Ceremony is underway! Who will Rachel put up? We shall find out shortly! ;)

Nominated for Eviction:

Kristen & Hayden

6:04pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

6:07pm BBT:
HOH Room

Apparently Rachel gave a bad speech and said "Bring it on!" to the HG's. Brendon is pissed and is telling Rachel that she is NOT a villian and her actions (like today's speech during the Nomination Ceremony) keeps setting them back in the game.

Brendon: "I'm not trying to hurt you or come down on you. I'm just telling you how you are now being perceived. We take 1 step forward, 3 steps back. I don't have it in me to fight THIS HARD through the whole game! Nobody is questioning that you're force to reckoned with, you ARE, you've proven yourself! Why are you doing this??"

Rachel is listening and not saying a word.

Brendon: "You've won two HOH's!! If you keep telling everyone to come and get us, they're gonna come and get us! If I don't win HOH next week, one of us is probably going home. You're going to have to appologize and STOP doing this right now! You need to calm down, or whatever it is..but, that was mean! It was malicious! Way too ballsy! ...for two people that have been fighting to win everything, and it's impossible for us to win EVERYTHING the whole way through the game!"

Rachel: *sniffle*

Brendon: "Play smarter, not harder! You're not focused on a strategy right now! You're SO PISSED OFF at people gunning for us right now, and you need to let go of that! If we don't do that, we ARE gonna be doomed! I'm telling you that right now! Hey, I love you very much and I wouldn't have fallen in love with you if I thought you were that mean of a person. I know people are after us, but we've come a LONG way and done A LOT of work! We spent all day talking to people all day, and when you make a move like that, everything changes in an instant. So now I feel that I HAVE TO win HOH next week."

Brendon: "You've had plenty of time to control your feelings, everyone let you get away with the heat of moment stuff from yesterday. But you told everyone to "Bring it on, come after us!" and we can't take down the entire house. The odds are 1,000 times worse (for us) than before. This is a serious concern for me! Now I feel like you're playing both of us, both of us are being looked at the're being selfish. I don't want you to be mad at me. I'm being honest. I am super duper sensitive and even though you weren't talking to me (when you said 'Bring it on'), I still felt what others felt."

Brendon: "You don't need to do this to us! You're fighting HARDER! I got that!! But there's a time where fighting smarter is more important than fighting harder. But if we have to fight with the same intensity that we've been playing with, we're both going to go home. You may be pissed off with me, but hopefully after you think about it, it'll make more sense. We need to make more decisions together! What we do, affects each other. You just forced everyone against us! WHY??! So you can prove something to them?? One slip up, and we're gonna be done! And it's gonna be me (before you) to leave!"

Rachel gets up because she has to "go get something from the Diary Room real quick". Brendon asked Rachel if she would at least consider apologizing to the house. She said yea.

6:25pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Rachel walks in and says her speech was nothing personal, it's all game play.

Rachel: "Okay?"
Hayden: "Yep. Cool."

Rachel leaves.

Kristen: "Why would she do that?"

*Silence in the room for minutes.*
Kathy leaves to go exchange her mic.

Hayden: "Just because we kissed & cuddled...(we're nominated)."

Hayden said it'd be smart for Rachel to put up Enzo if either Kristen/Hayden wins POV tomorrow.

Kristen: "She told me upstairs that I'll have to fight for POV."

Feeds auto-switch...

6:34pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Rachel and Brendon are mingling, laughing with other HG's. Brendon leaves. Kathy enters.

Rachel tells Kathy that her speech was not personal, it was game play. Kathy doesn't seem to mind. The girls are chit-chatting about hair and such. Convo is light & fun.

6:35pm BBT:
Sunset Room
Brendon went into the Sunset Room to talk to Hayden/Kristen. Brendon said that Rachel was just emotional and offers them to talk later if they want to. Brendon then leaves.

Hayden: "He might actually be a good guy. But he's too good for Rachel."

Rachel comes in at 6:41pm BBT & (again) tells Kristen/Hayden it's just a game. Hayden gets a tad snippy with her when Rachel said she was playing it up for the show. (re: her speech)

Hayden: "So next week if I win HOH, and do that to you, I can say I did it for tv?"

Rachel said she expects Hayden to put her up on the block next week if he wins HOH.
Rachel leaves.
Hayden leaves a minute later, after Kristen told him to "be careful right now".

6:44pm BBT:
HOH Room

Hayden said he went up to say he was sorry because she (Rach) went out of her way to say sorry, and he got snippy with her. Hayden said what she said during the nominations ceremony was a jab and could have been spoken differently.

Rachel is telling Hayden that if he's mad, to go after her...not Brendon, because he had no idea what she was going to say today.

Hayden said he got dragged into something & now he might be going home, but he has no hard feelings.

They hug.

Rachel: "See you at the movie tonight!" (It's a Will Ferral movie.)

**The feeds are on fire tonight!! Convo after convo!!

7:03pm BBT:

Brendon is making dinner for everyone again tonight.

7:04pm BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel is getting ready to take a shower. Brendon comes up and says "I love you" to her and hugs her in the bathroom.

Rachel is snippy with Brendon saying that they're playing 2 different games in the house and she's not happy that he went into the Sunset Room and apologized to Kristen/Hayden on he behalf.

They start bickering.

Rachel is telling Brendon that the fighting between each other needs to stop & that they're on the same team. Brendon said that it feels like they're on the same team but that she always wants total control and it's not fair to him, espeically when she does/says things that reflects badly on him that he has no idea that she's going to do (such as her saying "Bring it on!" to Kris/Hay during today's Nomination Ceremony).

7:19pm BBT:
Rachel thinks it'd be better for people in the house to want to be on their side..a powerful side and work with Brendon/Rachel instead of working against them. Brendon said it makes the target on their backs bigger.

Rachel: "Brendon, we can't get a bigger target on our backs!"

7:35pm BBT:
Rachel/Brendon still fighting up in the HOH room. They're totally not seeing eye to eye right now.

Brendon: "I'm done fighting. I hate fighting and I hate arguing. I've been around enough fighting to last a lifetime."

**I'm falling more & more in love with Brendon as this convo continues. He's such a sweetheart & I feel bad that Rachel is verbally attacking him and making him feel like crap especially when he said sorry a million times for her own mistakes.

Brendon: "I love you! I wanna be with you!"
Rachel: (no reaction, just a death-stare)

A moment later, Brendon hugs Rachel. Brendon & Rachel make it to the bed and have "makeup kisses" (as Brendon called them).

7:54pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Hayden & Kristen are talking about to save themselves this week. One of them has to win veto, and then get Rachel to put up's the only person that would ensure Kristen staying this week.

Kristen: "Unless Kathy wins.."
Hayden: "She ain't gonna win." (*LOL)

Enzo comes in.

Enzo: "Alright, who's gettin' backdoored out this bitch?"

They all laugh.

They talk about going out to the backyard to practice the POV set up for tomorrow. They're not sure if BB will let them or not. Talk turns to todays luxury comp. They are laughing their a**es off. (**I can't wait to see it!! lol)

**Alrighty guys & dolls, I'm outta here for the night! See y'all tomorrow morning with The Overnighter! Keep enjoying the live feeds!! :D

Stay tuned...
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