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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Morning in the BB House

The HG's were woken up by BB at 9am BBT. Today we will see if Andrew is going to do anything/everything in his powers to stay in the house. In the world of Big Brother, anything can happen at any minute! That's why I love this game! ;) hehe

Let's take a look at what the HG's are up to this morning!

Currently on the live feeds...

9:39am BBT:
A look at around the house:

The HG's are waking up (or maybe not quite waking up lol) for the day, making/eating breakfast, and having random chit-chat convos with each other. It's too early for game talk yet. ;)

9:44am BBT:

Hayden is no longer sleeping on the BY couch. He's made his way inside for some breakfast & morning convo with Brendon. (Non-game)

Rachel just told a story about how she slept for 24 hours straight once.

10:14am BBT:

Rachel/Kristen/Britney are talking about phones & texting.

10:37am BBT:
Britney/Rachel still talking about iphones.

Kristen & Kathy are sleeping on the lounger outside in the backyard.

**The HG's are totally not ready to wake up for the day just yet. Guess it's just one of those days. lol ;) I'm gonna take a little break and I'll meet y'all back here at 12pm BBT & I'll start the afternoon post then! Anything & everything that happened between now & then, I will cover in detail!

Stay tuned...

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