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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Evening in the BB House about an eventful day in the house today! lol There was very little game talk, and the game talk convos that did take place, have already been had a time or two..or three.

Here's the rundown:
*Andrew is going home.
*Nobody is telling Andrew that they're not voting for him, just to keep the whining/campaigning to a minimum.
*Lane/Hayden think Matt would ditch the Brigade at some point in the future & pair up with Ragan. (Matt has told the members of the Brigade how resourceful Ragan is with information.)
*Everyone is still saying "We gotta get Brendon/Rachel out" & they all think that Rachel would simply quit BB if/when Brendon goes.

That pretty much sums it all up! :) Okay, let's dive into the Evening post.

Currently on the live feeds...

6:48pm BBT:
Pool Table

The boys are playing double tournaments again tonight.

Lane: "Man, it's getting cold out here! What the.."
Matt: "Yeah. break."

7:01pm BBT:
Dinning Table

Talk is about parenting. Brendon says he can totally understand how parents come home from work tired and still have to parent while exhausted.

7:04pm BBT:
Pool Table

Enzo is telling Hayden that Ragan was saying he's not sure if he'd put up Brendon/Rachel if he won HOH.

Enzo: "He's gotta go. (Ragan) I mean, I like him and all..but what are we doing here, yo?!"
Hayden: "Yeah, he's gotta go."

Hayden told Enzo he tried to get Sports info from the Diary Room people & didn't get anything. Enzo laughed.

Enzo: "They never give us anything in there, man." (laughing)

Talk turns to working out later.

Hayden: "You gonna workout?"
Enzo: "I dunno..maybe. Maybe I'll do abs. Or maybe I'll take a shower then go to bed. I got a couple of options."

7:17pm BBT:
HOH Room

Andrew: I know you're in some sort of an alliance."
Matt: "I have friends, no alliances though."
Andrew: "But you can influence Ragan's vote if he hasn't decided who to vote for yet. I know Kristen is getting an army. I know you're against Brendon/Rachel..what about other possibilities."
Matt: "Be more specific."

They talk about alliances.

Matt said if he's not a part of an alliance, then obviously he'd wanna go after that alliance and break it up.

Matt: "Do you know of any alliances that I don't know about?"
Andrew avoids answering the question.
Andrew: "I don't know how much I trust you."
Matt: "Do you know of one? ...without naming names."

Andrew, again, doesn't answer the question.

**Basically, Andrew thinks he's staying so he's trying to (1) secure Matt's vote in case there's a tie & (2) talking about future game play. On the other hand, Matt is trying to see what info Andrew knows (including to see if he knows about the Brigade or has any suspicion about it).

Matt is trying hard, and getting irritated in the process, to get info/names from Andrew. Andrew is NOT budging. (**It seems like Matt is paranoid he knows about the Brigade.)

Andrew said that its a FACT that there's another alliance in the house. (I think he's talking about Hayden/Kristen).

Matt: "Do you have proof?"
Andrew: "I don't have documentation in the house but it's a fact!"
Matt: "I'm interested to find out HOW you found out."
Andrew: "If you talk to ANYBODY about this conversation, I'm going to deny it and it's going blow up in my face and then in your face."

Matt said he won't. (**Oh, but I'm sure he'll tell the Brigade within a few minutes. lol)

7:42pm BBT:
Dinning Room Table

Talk is about pre-nups and divorces. Britney said she'd never make her boyfriend Nick sign a pre-nup, even if she won Big Brother. Enzo said he'd never feel right taking things that he knows his wife worked hard for, he'd wanna be fair.

Enzo: "She knows my morals. If I do get divorced, which I never would but..I'd never get married again." (**I agree, Enzo. lol)

Kristen agreed she'd only marry one time.

Enzo: "I mean, (a girl) could move in with me, and live a marriage life, but that's it. That's all."

Andrew said he wants to get married again.

Enzo: "I'm ready to have like 3 more kids when I get outta here."

7:50pm BBT:

Lane said that he might not lift weights tonight since he did last night..he might take the night off. Rachel said she needs to run a mile tonight in the backyard. Lane said he hates working out on elipticals and treadmills.

Brendon comes out and goes over to Rachel, who apparantly is pissed from the pre-nup convo in the house. Brendon said that he'd want a pre-nup and Rachel took it personally. Rachel walks away and goes inside.

Brendon told Lane that he worked hard for his degree..7 years & another 5 years after that and he'd wanna protect himself.

Lane: "Its for your own protection!"
Brendon: "I already got burned once. I was engaged before. A pre-nup takes the worry out of it. I would know she wouldn't have married me for my money."

Lane talked about his ex-fiance and how they just "didn't click at the end", but he got the ring back at least. Brendon said he tried to get the ring back, but she wouldn't let him. Hayden mentions he was in a 4 yr relationship and he thought he wanted to marry her at one point.

Brendon goes inside.

Lane: "Dumbass! He's getting pissed about a pre-nup with Rachel??"
Hayden: "I know! They're talking about marriage already??" (laughs)

Rachel comes out.

Hayden: "What's with the pre-nup stuff already?" (laughing)
Lane: "Y'all gotta stop fighting! Stressin' us out!!" (*LOL)

**Okie dokie, that's it for me for today guys! :) The live feeds are very much alive tonight, so enjoy'em and enjoy BB After Dark (comes on at 12am EST). See y'all in the morning with The Overnighter as usual! G'dnight! :D

Stay tuned...

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