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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Morning in the BB House

At 8:45am BBT, BB woke up the HG's. Not too long after, we got some action on the feeds! Let's dive right into the Morning report! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

9:45am BBT:

Andrew got snippy with Kristen in the bathroom...

Andrew: "Don't play me like a fiddle..I know you're playing me."
Kristen: "What are you talking about???"
Andrew: "Don't do it! I don't like it. OK?"
Andrew walks away.

Kristen: "Andrew??"
Andrew: "That's all I'm sayin'."
Kristen: "Uhhh I don't appreciate that at all because I've been backing you up!"
Andrew: (going up the HOH stairs) "Okay, Kristen! Don't worry about it. So then you're okay."
Kristen: (to herself) "Not smart."

**Anybody else wondering if Andrew is gonna rat out Hayden/Kristen's alliance today or tomorrow during the live show? ;) hehe

10:08am BBT:
Sunset Room

Andrew/Kristen continue their fighting. Andrew is saying that Kristen never once came up to him to say that "they" (Hayden/Kris/Andrew) are good this week. (aka voting for Andrew to stay). Kristen said it's a two way street and that he, being on the block, should have went to Kristen/Hayden.

Kristen is getting PISSED and is yelling at Andrew.

Kristen: "You're digging your own grave, Andrew!"

Andrew told Kristen to be careful! (**OOOOOO!!!! :D)

Rachel comes in and Andrew walks out.

**If you have live feeds, turn'em on! I have a feeling Andrew is just getting warmed up! ;)

10:18am BBT:

Matt, who heard the 1st argument of Andrew yelling at Kristen, is telling Ragan/Britney that he's digging his own grave every time he talks.

10:19am BBT:

Kristen goes into the bathroom and tells her about the fight her & Andrew just had in the sunset room.

Kristen: "I told him he was digging his own grave. He said 'no, you're digging YOUR own grave!"
Kathy: "Oh my gosh!"
Kristen: "Yeah." (walks out of the bathroom)

10:23am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Andrew is in the Have Not's bedroom, crying a little bit.

10:30am BBT:

Kristen is filling Ragan in on the drama she's been having with Andrew this morning.

10:35am BBT:
HOH Room

Kristen is basically preparing Matt for Andrew possibly outing her alliance with Hayden.

Kristen: "He's gonna say or do anything he can to make me look bad before he leaves."

Matt said that he thinks it's pretty obvious that the whole house is going to vote Andrew out.

Kristen: "You know what he told me when I said he was digging his own grave? He said 'no, you're digging YOUR own grave!'" (laughs)

They both say that they like Andrew as a person and feel bad for him because he never had a shot from the beginning when everyone was thinking/saying that they thought Andrew was the sab.

Kristen: "Just don't believe ANYTHING that he says." (**Way to plant that seed, Kristen.)

Meanwhile, outside...

10:48am BBT:
Andrew is working out on the elliptical.

Back upstairs...

Ragan has joined Matt/Kristen.

Brendon joins.

Kristen recaps (again) her fights with Andrew this morning.

Matt asked Brendon if he's gonna try to save Andrew this week anymore.

Brendon: "There's no point in trying anymore. He can't be saved."

11:15am BBT:
Have Not's
Andrew, crying, is telling Ragan to please keep an open mind until tomorrows live vote and to wait to make a decision after the nomination speeches. Ragan says he will.

Andrew: "All I said to Kristen was that she never came to me, but that she was going to Kathy a lot. I don't have anyone in this house to talk to me."

Ragan said his mind is never closed in the game.

Andrew: "I love and respect Brendon. I'm letting you in on that. Speak to Brendon. I can't talk to Brendon..people in this house (will see).."

Ragan is saying that Kristen has always talked nice about him (Andrew).

Ragan: "I think you and Kristen are both hurt right now, and life is bigger than what's going on in this house. I've seen her defend you in the past and I know she cares about you. I know she's hurting right now. If you're hinting at what I think you are, there's a lot of illusion in this house right now and people can sense that illusion. And in a game where truth is valued...I can't say anything more than that. The truth sets people free."

Andrew: "I agree. And I thank you."
Ragan: "I know you're having a rough week and morning." (laughs)

11:50am BBT:
Cabana Room

Andrew asked Brendon if he's in an alliance with Hayden, Brendon says no. Andrew tells him that he's leaving the house "with a bang" and is going to take the target off of Brendon. Andrew said that if he can't win, then he wants Brendon to win.

Brendon told Andrew to not wait until tomorrow's speech to try to get votes. He should apologize to Kristen and get the votes before tomorrow's eviction ceremony. Andrew told Brendon that Matt was planning on backdooring him (Bren) this week, but Brendon didn't believe that. Brendon also doesn't believe that Hayden/Kristin are in an alliance together. Andrew said that if he has to, he'll call a house meeting & out Kris/Hayden.

Andrew told Brendon he only needs 1 more vote: he (thinks) he has Brendon/Rachel/Ragan and Matt as the tie breaker.

(Keep refreshing...)

Stay tuned...

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