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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, my lil addicts! ;) Hope your Monday is starting off as a good one! Today in the BB world, the HG's will have their Veto Ceremony, where Brendon will decide to not use the Veto and keep nominations the same.

Who will go home: Kathy or Andrew? Well, Kathy has Britney & Rachel's vote already, and last night it seemed as if Enzo & Lane *might* just keep Kathy around since they can get her out anytime. Enzo has been saying for the past week or so now that she's just a floater who can't win any comps and that she's lucky if she can find her way up the stairs to the HOH room. lol So he's obviously not worried about Kathy being a threat.

Alright, let me go see what the houseguests were up to last night as we slept & I'll be back with the Overnighter! :D

11:40pm BBT:
HOH Room

Lane said that if he won HOH, he'd nominate Brendon & backdooring. Just simply put'em both up against each other from the get-go.

Lane: "No more dancing around. We've tried that doesn't work."

Matt said that he thinks if Brendon/Rachel win HOH, then they're probably gonna be gunning for Kristen/Hayden.

They start talking about who to get out this week: Matt said that Kristen told him that Andrew is definitely gunning for Brendon/Rachel, so it might be beneficial to keep him in the house.

Matt: "Kathy is expendable. We can get her out anytime. Any week we need to get her out, we can."
Lane: "Mm hmm.."

Matt goes on to say that Kathy being in the house would mean that Brendon/Rachel will always have her vote to stay in the house.

Matt: "So you think we should keep Kathy in the house this week? Or.."
Lane: "I don't know. I'm stumped too!"

Matt started to complain that BB won't give him the HOH tv remote back since he hacked it the other day. lol

Matt: "Come on..BB..please! I need the remote back."

Matt kept going out the HOH door to see where everyone was at, since he could no longer see on the tv.

12:22am BBT:

Enzo is pushing the boys to think about getting Andrew out. He says Andrew could be gunning after Matt, Kathy can't win sh*t, and it makes them look bad that they're sending out only girls out of the game. (**Male ego thing...Enzo thinks it makes The Brigade look weak.)

Lane: "But I'd rather have (Andrew) compete. than.."
Enzo: "All we need is to win HOH ONE TIME and we'd get (Bren/Rach) out."
Lane: "We DID win HOH this week, and they're still here."
Enzo: "Yea but we went about it in a different way."

Hayden said it's probably smarter to keep Andrew in the house since he'd be gunning after Bren/Rach.

Talk turns to Ragan. Enzo said he doesn't trust Ragan because he's playing both sides of the house and that he never talks with him (Enzo).

12:48am BBT:
HOH Room

Britney was campaigning for Andrew to go home this week.

Britney: "It's week 3..we need to start looking at the bigger picture..what's down the road."
Matt: "I can see benefits for keeping them both here." (Kat/And)
Britney then says she doesn't think people in the house think she's a "Kathy: Part Dos".

Britney: "I know people don't think I'm a strong competitor.."
Matt: "I disagree completely."
Ragan: "I do, too."
Britney: "I think people think I'm a Kathy: Part Dos."

The boys laugh and tell her no.

Britney, again, tries to get the boys to see that they need to get Andrew out this week.
Britney: "I just think that, as a competitor, I wanna win HOH, keep myself in power...who do i wanna play against in the POV? To me, its a no brainer. Stop over-thinking things. This is very basic. What will further you in the game. I'm only playing for myself, I don't care what Brendon is doing...this comes down to basic logic..for me. I like Andrew, but.."

They then talked about how on Wednesday, the house will probably come to a consensus and have an 8-0 vote on Thursady but that it seems like everyone is waiting until the last minute to make up their minds. Matt thinks the house was leaning towards Kathy going, but in the last day it has started to lean towards Andrew going.

1:22am BBT:
Brit asked Ragan if he can act straight. He said he can, but it takes a lot of energy to be masculine. Matt tells him to act like he's ordering food.

Ragan: (gets into character) "Nuggets."

They all laugh. lol

1:29am BBT:
Palm Bedroom
Enzo/Ragan (a moment later)/Matt/Lane

Matt told Enzo/Lane that Britney was just up in the HOH room pushing for Andrew to go home this week. .Enzo said they gotta get the Brigade together and talk about how to vote out this week. Matt mentions that Ragan and Britney made good points.

Ragan then joined the boys and farted.

Lane: "You might have to wipe after that."
Enzo: "I never smelled a gay fart before."

Ragan laughed pretty hard at Enzo's comment.

Okay, that's it for the Overnighter! :D Seems like the votes could go either way this week. Time will tell after some of the HG's start talking more in the next couple of days. Starting the morning report right now!

Stay tuned...

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