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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Evening in the BB House

While we were watching the show on CBS tonight, Andrew had the house meeting on the live feeds. He decided to go about his "meeting" in a more heartfelt way, instead of blasting HG's. Let's get right to the Evening post!! :D

5:46pm BBT:
Living Room
All HG's

Andrew: "I appreciate you all taking the time out to..I don't like the attention, obviously. This past week has been emotional, stressful, um...but, great experience! It's great to be here! (Andrew starts crying.) Even though I haven't slept well, ate well, or other things, I still have to be proper. Kristen...this morning, it did sound like I was snapping at you, and I apologize. It was more (of me) feeling secluded the past fews, being on the block does that to a person. And if you don't have someone to release it to, it's hard. It's not that I thought you were doing something dirty, it's just that the only friend I have in this house (Kathy), is up against me."

Andrew then apologizes to Rachel and says he didn't mean to ever insult her.

Andrew goes on to say that it's a game, it's not personal. He said he was gunning after Brendon and Rachel because they are such a power couple and very strong.

Andrew: "I appreciate being here and meeting every single one of you. And whatever may happen the next 25 hours, we're still friends I hope, and whatever you guys decide to do (for votes), do."

Andrew goes on to say that he may seclude himself but that's just his personality.

Andrew: "Kristen, I know you've always stuck up for me..thank you. Kathy, you know I love you and I would never throw you under the bus. I have never once said anything bad about you, and I won't."

Kathy: "And I never have spoken badly about you either. You can ask anybody. That's not my character either."

Andrew: *sniffle* "So, whatever you guys decide, you guys decide because you want to and I appreciate it. Thank you.

All HG's: "Thank you, Andrew! Thank you."

Andrew gets up and walks away, wiping tears from his eyes.

**If you would like to watch this whole convo, use the Flashback Feeds and start at 5:45pm BBT when all the HG's are gathering in the Living Room.

6:15pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Lane said it was so hard to watch him get emotional because he knows Andrew is such a strong guy. He said that he (Lane) is a strong guy too and to see a strong guy so vulnerable, was hard. Lane was very sweet and told Andrew that he hopes he had no part in making him so emotional.

Lane leaves.
Andrew: (to himself) "This is so hard."

Brendon enters.

Brendon went into the Have Not's room to tell Andrew good job and he's proud of him.

Brendon leaves for a minute and comes back with the Veto necklace. He gave it to Andrew & told him to have it.

Andrew: "I can't have this!"
(**BB will probably snag it back from him later on.)

6:28pm BBT:
Cabana Room
Kathy (aka Spider Lashes)/Kristen

Kathy is telling Kristen that Andrew was just trying to save his ass this week.

"It's too late! It's too late. It's been too late for days."

Kathy said she thinks Andrew was fake crying. (**He was not fake crying, for the record.)

6:50pm BBT:

Enzo: "They're gonna start calling us in to say goodbyes." (**Diary Room)

They boys are planning another pool tournament tonight.

Brendon: "Andrew bailed, he's not playing."
Enzo: "Where is he?"
Hayden: "In the Have Not room."
Brendon: "I think he needs his space."
Enzo: "Is he sleepin'?"
Hayden: "Yea I think he was taking a nap."

7:07pm BBT:
Dining Table

The girls are talking about gifts & trips that men have bought them. Matt is listening and asking questions here & there.

7:37pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Hayden is telling Rachel that he has a ton of respect for Andrew, for being so faithful to his religion even while in the house, and for being a great competitor. Rachel fully agreed.

Rachel is telling Hayden that Kathy doesn't ever do anything, she sucks at comps, and that Andrew is deserving of being in the house.

Hayden said he's going to vote for what's best for his game play. Rachel said she'd rather have Andrew in the house.

7:57pm BBT:
Backyard Lounger

The boys are talking about how Hayden wants to market/promote fighters. Enzo is asking him questions about it.

8:06pm BBT:
Everyone is kinda just roaming around, mingling, in good spirits. :)

**Okay guys & gals, enjoy the Live Feeds!! If you missed any of the action from today, all ya gotta do is use the Flashback Feeds feature...pick any day, any hour, any minute and BOOM!'re in the action as if it was live! :D See y'all in the morning with The Overnighter! G'dnight, addicts! ;)

(Keep refreshing as I post more..)

Stay tuned...

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