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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Morning in the BB House

Brendon & Rachel were the first HG's up this morning around 8:30am BBT. Rachel told Brendon that Kristen/Hayden were making out in the Sunset Room last night when they thought she was asleep. She overheard Hayden say that he's voting to keep Kathy today & that Kristen was happy about that. Rachel's concerns is that Andrew will out Kristen/Hayden's showmance and that will get them even more pumped for today's HOH comp.

Currently on the live feeds...

9:25am BBT:
BB wakes up the HG's.

9:30am BBT:
Cabana Room

Rachel pulled Andrew aside into the Cabana Room and told him that she heard Hayden say he's voting him out tonight. Andrew said that he "took a bullet for Brendon" this week and that tonight's speech is gonna be epic. (**Oooo can't wait!! :D)

9:45am BBT:
HOH Room

Ragan & Matt talked about what Andrew might say in his speech tonight. Talk turns to the Jury House.

Ragan: "I'm not sure if my goal is to make it to Jury, or to win."
Matt: "You don't wanna make it to jury, you wanna win the f**king game. I don't wanna go home and tell my friends that at least I made it to the loser house!" (aka Jury House) That gives me no satisfaction at all to make it into the Jury House."

Matt said that he should "go for it". (re: HOH Comp today.)
Matt: "I wouldn't throw it, if I was you. But that's just me."

Ragan doesn't want the drama that comes with being HOH right now. Ragan said he wouldn't want to have meetings with people if he won HOH. He said he'd go after Brendon/Rachel and list the reasons why he nom'ed them.

Ragan: "I would address them as a 'we', not individuals."

10:08am BBT:
Dining Room Table

Britney & Kathy think that Enzo is cracking. lol He's saying the most random stuff. He said that Julie Chen is gonna ask him a question, and he's gonna end up giving her an answer that's totally irrevlant to her question. :P Being on slop has made him go a little crazy. Poor Enzo. lol

They talk about chickens and eggs.

Britney: "Chickens have several eggs a day. Us women only drop 1 egg every month."
Enzo: "Ohhhh! So they're droppin' it like it's hot."

10:30am BBT:
Have Not's Room

They're talking about tonight's live show and the HOH comp.

Ragan: "Watch it be a phsyical comp because we've been thinking all week it's gonna be a mental comp."

Ragan is saying that it'd be funny if Andrew told Julie that he wants to convert to "Julie'ism". (*lol)

Enzo: "Her husband is the owner of CBS."

10:33am BBT:
HOH Room

Matt is packing up his stuff in the HOH room, while having random (non-game) convos.

Back down in the Have Not's room...

They're talking about what to wear for tonight's show, as Andrew packs up his stuff.
Enzo: "Do I wear...a brown shirt? I wear a white shirt?"

Enzo then quickly changes the subject to him being anxious to eat normal food tonight.

Enzo: "No more penalties. I need something to eat, man."

Hayden comes in.

Enzo: "How about you become a Have Not this week?" (laughs)
Hayden: "That's fine! I haven't been on it yet."

Ragan is telling Hayden that maybe the people that haven't been Have Not's yet, should become the Have Not's yet. Hayden agrees & says it's totally fine with him.

Hayden: "That's fair."
Enzo: "I can do one week on, one week off..but back to back? Come'on!"

10:43am BBT:
HOH Lockdown begins!! (Usually lasts for an hour or so.)

11:11am BBT:
Random chit-chat in the HOH room. :)

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