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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House

The morning started off a bit slow for the HG's & it really hasn't gotten any better since. lol :P From 11am-1pm BBT, the only thing that happened that's worth mentioning is...

10:33am BBT:

Andrew told Brendon that "they" are good with Kristen/Hayden but that he (Andrew) wants to Enzo & Britney. Brendon told him to 'take it easy' and to not let people think he's a loose cannon.


1:03pm BBT:

Andrew told Britney that he'd put up Brendon/Rachel if he stayed and won HOH this Thursday. Britney told Andrew that he needs to talk to people in the house because everyone is confused on how to vote. Andrew also told Britney that he's not gunning for her and to vote for him to stay & he'd prove his word (of her safety with him) in the coming weeks. Britney, again, told Andrew to start talking to people in the house.

Currently on the live feeds...

1:11pm BBT:
A look around the house:

Brendon/Rachel are in the Cabana Room talking.
Andrew is in the pool. Kristen just joined him for a swim.

Rachel isn't sure that Andrew is on 'their' side. Brendon told her that Andrew threw the POV comp to them.

Brendon: "If you doubt me, then our game goes south. He proved himself by throwin that POV (to us)."

Rachel thinks that the house is voting Kathy out this week. Brendon says it's important that Andrew stays in the game.

Andrew is still in the pool, totally relaxed.

Brendon/Rachel are cuddling in the Cabana Room and still whisper-talking.

**Random Thought: I can't wait to see Rachel gone. She's clueless, annoying, and bringing Brendon's game down completely. I'm tired of the soap opera bulls**t with her, the overacting, the fake crying, the lovey dovey stuff, etc. I'm afraid that Brendon might have done too much damage by becoming 'the 2 headed monster' and he might not be able to redeem himself if or when Rachel leaves before he does. How many of y'all agree with me on this?? I see by the Poll on the right side of the blog that you guys love Brendon, but don't like Rachel. I'm wondering if you guys & gals are on the same thought as I am. Let me know in the comment section!!

2:28pm BBT:

Current look at the feeds...

Still nothing much going on. Hayden is in the kitchen with Kristen making something to eat. Cams 3 & 4 are on Andrew laying out in the backyard.

3:10pm BBT:
All 4 cams are on Andrew in the kitchen.

Stay tuned...

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