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Friday, July 30, 2010

Morning in the BB House

BB woke up the houseguests super early today at 7:30am BBT! The reason? They have a luxury comp to do at 9am BBT. FYI, BB has been known to show some of the luxury comps on the feeds in the past. Hopefully they will do that today, too!! :D (**Please, BB!!)

As of this morning, Rachel still isn't sure who to put up next to Kristen. Britney told her to really think about her decision and how it'll affect her next week. (Ragan has gave her similar advice since she won HOH yesterday.)

Currently on the live feeds...

8:34am BBT:
A look at all 4 feeds.

Houseguests are trying to wake up for the day (Ragan is having a hard time. lol) They're talking, eating breakfast, and getting dressed.

Enzo is talking about how nice it is to not be on slop anymore & that they can eat real food this week.

Enzo: "My body went from a 3rd world country, to the Taj Mahal."

8:49am BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Enzo is talking about his wife and how he's very proud to be married to a MILF. (*lol)

Lane walks in and teases Britney for using his bed as couch as she sits on it and eats cereal.

Matt is voluntarily eating slop so he can lose weight.

Talk turns to the luxury comp that is about to happen.

Britney: "I think it'll be messy."
Enzo: "Yea, like a pop a pimple thing or something."
Lane: "I don't think it'll be messy."
Britney: "You can win a letter from home, or.."
Lane: "Julie Roberts will be out there.." (**So freakin' random, Lane! lol)
Britney: "Or a trip to somewhere.."

9:01am BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel told Brendon that there's no way that they're gonna take the target off their backs. (re: nominations)

Brendon: "Yes we can! If we play our cards right! There is a lot we can do. We can shrink the target. I want people to say we are really nice & not nominate us...what if there's a Coupe De Tat? I want people to think hey they were nice, I'm not going to f**k them!"
Rachel: "Brendon, what game are YOU playing? You can't be nice in here! Every HOH gets worse.
Brendon: "Because your attitude is f**k this, f**k that. This is a social game!"
Rachel: (pissed off) "Then go make friends, Brendon!"

Rachel rolls over on the bed, fake crying but definitely upset.

Rachel: "Leave me alone, Brendon! You're not on my side!"
Brendon: "What are you talking about? I've always been on your side! Hey hey, I'm on your side! I'm on your side!"
Rachel: "I'm trying to ask you nicely, please leave me alone for like 10 mins."

Brendon leaves and goes downstairs.

9:25am BBT:
HOH Room

Upon Brendon's request to go up to the HOH room and talk to Rachel, Ragan does and calms her down.

Rachel told Ragan that she feels like the harder she fights to stay in the game, the more people hate her. Ragan told her to be positive, happy, and today during the luxury comp, be a cheerleader for EVERYONE on the sidelines. He said that Brendon is right and that being nice in the house will get her far.

Rachel told Ragan that she feels like her best friend in the house (Brendon) isn't supporting her. Ragan asked Rachel if she tried to talk to Kristen yet. Rachel said she tried to apologize and Kristen said she didn't accept it.

Ragan said that they got woken up the earliest today, and that everyone went to bed around 3am, so her being tired (like all the other HG's are this morning), could be a factor in her emotions today.

9:45am BBT:

Kristen is crying to Kathy.

Kathy: "Don't let (Rachel) get to you."

Kristen: "I'm not. She's not getting to me, I'm getting to me! I'm so mad at myself for not winning HOH."

Feeds auto-switch back up to the HOH room where Ragan is still talking Rachel off the ledge & they're talking about how people in the house are purposely throwing comps.

9:56am BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon enters. Rachel said she's thinking about putting Kathy up next to Kristen. Ragan is telling her all the things she should consider for nominations.

Ragan compares BB to a rubiks cube: you can either keep trying to solve it and get totally frustrated & give up, can see that it's a game and that it's fun and there is a way to beat it. (**LOVED his analogy!!!!)

Rachel thanks Ragan for the pep talk. Brendon, too.

Brendon: "I don't know what we would do with you in this game."

Ragan: "Thank YOU guys for all the pep talks you've given me!"

Ragan suggests that Rachel talk to Hayden next.

Ragan: "Remember, everything you tell Hayden, he'll go back and tell Kristen. So that would be a good way to start to diffuse the problem (between you & Kristen)."

Rachel wonders if she should go get Hayden now, or talk to Hayden after the comp. She said that they said the comp was already supposed to start so she's not sure if she should start talking to people now or later.

Ragan leaves. Brendon/Rachel talk for a minute.

Rachel: "I don't wanna nominate Hayden."

10:15am BBT:
Hayden enters.

Hayden: "What up?"
Rachel: "Hey Hayden, I was wondering if we could talk..have a seat. First, I think we all had the night to sleep on things..and I'm sorry for things that were said in the heat of the moment.."

Hayden: "Yeah, and I told you I was sorry yesterday for the same thing..for saying things in the heat of the moment."
Rachel: "I don't want to put you on the, at all! This week, next week..we had an agreement. Not sure who told you that I wanted to put you on the block, but...I don't know where this whole falling out came from."
Brendon: "Neither one of us planned on putting you up.."
Rachel: "Not even a person we were considering!"

Hayden said that the whole house, despite what anyone says, would have put Brendon/Rachel up on the block.

Rachel & Brendon are now trying the "diffuse the problem with Kristen through Hayden" thing that Ragan told them to do. Rachel told Hayden that she tried to apologize to Kristen...Hayden said he knows because he was there and saw it...and that Rachel invited Kristen up to the HOH room to talk one on one today.

Hayden said even though he likes Kristen, he doesn't agree with how she's handled "a couple of a situations". He said that he's told Kristen that.

10:35am BBT:
Hayden said "someone" told him either Sunday or Monday that they (Brendon/Rachel) would put up "a strong couple that fell off (the surf boards) early". Brendon/Rachel said they never said that. They asked Hayden who said it, and he's not saying. Rachel said that she wasn't even thinking about putting Kristen up until last night.

BB: "Rachel, please go to the Diary Room."
Rachel said she hopes it's time for the comp.

10:47am BBT:
Hayden asked Brendon "who do you not trust in the house". Brendon said there's very few people he trusts in the house. Hayden asked Brendon (again) if he's sure that he never said nor hinted that Kristen/Hayden would go up on the block. Brendon said whoever said that, is lying in some way or twisting words to turn people on each other.

Brendon: "Whoever told you that, is trying to pin you & Kristen against me & we try to knock each other out for a couple of rounds."

Hayden asked Brendon if he thought Matt's true intentions were to keep Rachel/Brendon safe by not nom'ing them. Brendon said he thinks that if Matt got the chance, he would have backdoored him. (But then Brendon won POV, so he couldn't.)

10:51am BBT:
Hayden said that either "that person" meant Brendon/Rachel would nom Kristen/Hayden or Britney/Lane. Hayden seems really surprised (and a little bit worried) that "that person" lied to him. He keeps asking Brendon if he's sure he never said that, Brendon said yea and that "that someone" is pushing their agenda.

Brendon: "And that's how Matt's playing the game." (**He's that "someone" they're both talking about.)

Hayden: "I never said (Matt's) name.." (in other words, 'You didn't hear it from me.')

Brendon: "Oh yea, of course!" (in other words, 'It's our secret, no worries.')

They start to openly talk about Matt. Brendon said he will NOT tell Rachel their convo.

10:58am BBT:
Trivia on the live feeds!! It's Luxury Comp time!! :D

Stay tuned...

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