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Monday, July 26, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House + Veto Ceremony Spoiler

Sorry for the delay guys, blogger was hating on me something fierce the past hour or so! Kept getting a 503 server error. :/ Anyways, the feeds came back on around 12:30pm BBT from the Veto Ceremony taking place.

Apparently, Andrew said during the Veto Ceremony that he'd love if Brendon would use the POV on him, even though he's gunning after him (Brendon). Rachel's reaction was her "huffing & puffing" on the couch during the meeting.

(Obviously, Brendon never used the POV.)

This (Rachel's reactions & Andrew's speech) is what's making the house CRAAZZYYY this afternoon with conversations!

Let's jump right into the Afternoon Post!! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

12:35pm BBT:

HOH Room

Britney is talking about the veto ceremony and how Rachel was SO PISSED that she was huffing & puffing.

Britney: "I could HEAR her, like..weezing. It was crazy. I really believe (Andrew) is coming after them (Bren/Rach)!"
Matt: "Me too!!"

Britney leaves & a few moments later, Andrew/Matt talk in the HOH room.

12:39pm BBT:
HOH Room

Matt: "Better than anything, the best was the huffing & puffing from Rachel."
Andrew: "She an actress, I can't stand her."

**Vote Change: It seems that the "I'm gunning after you, Brendon!" comment from Andrew has sparked some HG's to think that Andrew/Brendon are actually working together. Kristen thinks there's a pairing of Brendon/Andrew, Lane/Enzo/Hayden now plan on voting Andrew out. Britney already planned on voting Andrew out, along with Rachel. So as it stands, Andrew has 5 (if not 6) votes to go home this week.

1:09pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Matt said that Rachel's reaction was over the top..either faking the reaction, or dramatizing her true pissed off feelings. Either way, he thinks she was overacting.

1:18pm BBT:
Enzo/Hayden/Brendon (then others come in)

Brendon is busy doing damage control. He's aware that what Andrew said is making the HG's think they're working together now. He told Enzo that he thinks Andrew is gunning for him because Rachel was thinking about putting him next week if she won HOH.

**Sidenote: During Kathy's Veto Ceremony speech, Kathy said to not use the POV on her because "they" will just backdoor Rachel. Obviously, Enzo is more than pissed by that comment & he told Lane how mad that got him.

1:49pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Earlier this morning, Kristen told Hayden that they made a promise to Andrew that they'd keep him in the game. Now because of what Andrew said during the Veto Ceremony, this gives Kristen & Hayden a way out of their promise.

1:50pm BBT:
HOH Room

Enzo: "It could have been an act and Andrew's with them...or Rachel could have been acting. Who knows. I mean, what the f**k. I asked Brendon if he's still voting Kathy out and he said he didn't know. He said Andrew is just emotional."
Ragan: "How can you defend that?" (laughs)
Matt: "Andrew was hinting that I'm working with Brendon/Rachel and that I was in on the house meeting, because otherwise I should have put Brendon/Rachel up on the block this week and I didn' he thinks I'm working with them."
Enzo: "Why would (Andrew) say that, being on the block? It doesn't make sense! I mean, if he's trying to get votes to stay...I dunno, man. That guy is f**king crazier than Annie, man."

**Just so that I can fast-forward a bit, I'll break it down for y'all...

Matt is still pushing for Andrew to stay this week, but Hayden & Enzo aren't having it. They want Andrew to go. They were going to keep Andrew around since he (seems to be) gunning for Brendon/Rachel, but there's so many people in the house gunning for him, that keeping Andrew isn't worth the risk (if Andrew is indeed in an alliance with Brendon/Rachel.) Hayden read right through Andrew's plan: he thinks that Andrew was trying to throw the house off of the Brendon/Rachel/Andrew alliance.

3:05pm BBT:

Talk is about Brendon/Rachel.

Enzo: "If Brendon leaves, Rachel will go crazy. If Rachel leaves, Brendon will be okay."

Hayden comes over with a lasso and Britney asks if he can rope her arm. He said yea but it might hit her face so he didn't do it.

3:09pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Ragan just told Matt that he's voting to evict Andrew this week and that it'd take some thing really big to even remotoley change his mind. Matt said he's just gonna tell Andrew that he's fine because he doesn't wanna "deal with the sh*t". (aka drama)

3:22pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

The drama in the house is on pause for the moment & has been replaced with talks of movies and Ragan's favorite subject...Natalie (aka Gnat) from BB11. His favorite saying? "I got you guysssss! I got you!!" (*LOL)

3:56pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Andrew: "I just wanna make sure everything is okay (between me & you and Kristen). I know Kristen is talking to Kathy, but..what can you do."
Hayden: "Dude, that was CRAZYYY!!!"
Andrew: "I just stated what everybody already knew anyways."
Hayden: "I laughed when you said you were gunning for (Brendon/Rachel) but to please use the veto anyways."

Andrew (lies) and tells him he's good with him & Kristen.

Andrew: "You guys gotta win HOH this week. Come on!"
Hayden: "It has to happen this week. It has to."

Hayden goes on to say that he respects Brendon being such a great competitor and doing what he needs to do every week by winning comps.

4:01pm BBT:
HOH Room

I came into this convo just as it was ending. They were discussing who would put up Brendon/Rachel.

Lane: "Did you tell Hayden yet?"
Matt: "No, not yet."

They go & get Hayden.

Matt is telling them that "they" (Brigade) has to win HOH this week.

Matt: "Everyone kinda thinks everyone is gonna put Brendon/Rachel up...they're gonna be f**king dangerous this HOH comp because they know everyone is gunning for them."

4:44pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kathy is telling Kristen that she knows that her & Hayden don't know who they're voting for, but that she wants to stay in the house. She also said that she's not gonna say anything

Kathy: "I just want you to vote how you feel is right."
Kristen: "Right."
Kathy: "If I didn't wanna be here, I wouldn't be here."

Rachel comes out of the HOH bathroom.

Rachel: "Obviously Andrew knows he doesn't have my vote after today."
Kathy: "Thank you for sticking by me, I appreciate it a lot."

Rachel leaves so that Kathy/Kristen can talk.

Kristen: "Do your best to talk to Lane and Enzo."
Kathy: "What do I say to them?"
Kristen: "I'd wait until tomorrow, late in the day and..."

Feeds auto-switch to...

4:50pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Rachel is giving Brendon a serious attitude.

Rachel: "Why am I not involved in you & Andrews plan?"
Brendon: "There's no..plan. He's just pretending to not like you so that people won't know that we're working together."

Rachel thinks Brendon knew what Andrew was going to say during the Veto Ceremony today. Brendon told Rachel he had no clue.

Rachel: "So, come it's okay for you to keep secrets from but.."
Brendon: "I'M NOT KEEPING SECRETS FROM YOU! STOP!! I told you that I wouldn't lie to you and I'm not."

Rachel told Brendon that she's voting for Kathy to stay.

"What, did Kathy talk to you?"
Rachel: "No. I have my own mind."
Brendon: "Is everyone thinking about voting Andrew out now?"
Rachel: "No." (**yes. lol :P )

Rachel still thinks Andrew doesn't truly like her. Brendon is trying his hardest to convince her that that's not the case.

Rachel: "I will never leave anything in your hands again. I hope you and Andrew know what you are doing because you are playing with fire and I'M fire!"
Brendon: "Don't try and threaten me, I don't need you to threaten me."
Rachel: "I didn't threaten you"

Rachel talks to Kathy for a moment on the couch but doesn't tell her whats really bothering her, just that her and Brendon had a fight. Moments later, Rachel goes on the hammock by herself, clearly upset.

Stay tuned...

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