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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Evening in the BB House

HOLY SH*T!!!! lol What an episode!!!! Okay, okay..must calm down!! (Breathe, Jamie..breathe!!)

First thing...
If you don't have the Live Feeds yet, now is the time to get'em!! MAJOR drama is gonna be going down this week, especially tonight!!!!!

*Get the Live Feeds Right Here!!!*

Andrew's speech was indeed EPIC!!! He KILLED Kristen's game...flat-out murdered it!! lol

Pandora's Box is coming back into play!

America will get to pick who we want to be the new sabatour! BB will offer it to the houseguest with the most votes. If they accept the challenge, then they will have to stay in the game for the next 2 weeks and win $10,000.

5th thing...
No slop for ANY houseguests this week! (1 week pass, only!)

Ragan did indeed throw the HOH comp just like he said he would!

Rachel won HOH, which NORMALLY I'd hate, buttttt.....that means that Kristen will most likely go home this week! (**I can't stand her. lol :P)

Let me turn on the feeds and see what's going on!!

Currently on the Live Feeds...

6:14pm BBT:
Kristen is obviously scared of going home this week.

Kristen: "I shouldn't have said that."

(The feeds came back 4 mins prior to this, but apparently there were words exchanged between Rachel & Kristen.)

6:14pm BBT:
Sunset Room

Ragan is telling to "calm down" and to look at the bigger picture.

Ragan leaves.
Britney enters & congratulates Rachel.

Rachel: "We'll take a bath together again tonight in the HOH room & talk!"
Britney: "Okay!"

6:25pm BBT:
Sunset Room
Hayden apologized for saying something rude to Rachel (when the feeds were off) and that it was "in the heat of the moment" and he's sorry.

Hayden then told Rachel that he didn't like that Rachel told the whole house that she heard them (Kristen/Hayden) making out last night. Hayden denied it.

Rachel: "Well I heard SOMETHING!"
Hayden: "Well it wasn't us making out. Because we didn't." (**Mmm hmm. lol)
Rachel: "You say you're our friend and you put us up together every single time in the HOH comp? And Kristen did the same thing!!"
Hayden: "True."

Rachel is telling Hayden that Kristen's goal is to get ALL the girls out, so it was her & the boys left in the house.

Rachel: "She told me that she controls your vote!"
Hayden: "Well, she doesn't. I vote for myself. She's not controlling my votes. At all. Whatever you do this week, I'll respect it."
Rachel: "Kristen is so mean to me! When I was HOH, she was my best friend! Then this past week? Nothing! She wants me and Brendon to be broken up."
Hayden: "Most people in the house want you two broken up."
Rachel: "Well Kristen TOLD me that she does (want us broken up)."

Rachel told Hayden that Kristen is definitely going up on the block tomorrow during Nominations.

Rachel just told Hayden that she wants the floaters out of the game.
Hayden: "You think Kristen is a floater?"

Rachel: "She is! She won't try to win any comps until she HAS TO! She's clinging on to you and riding your coattails until she has to fight to stay in the house. Watch how hard she plays for this POV!"

Rachel said that winning $500,000 should be a FIGHT!! Not something to float through. It's a hard game to win and people should fight for that money, not float in the house and have an easy ride. Hayden agreed.

6:52pm BBT:
HOH Landing

Matt: "Hayden and Kristen going on the block 'cuz they're floaters..what a load of horsesh*t."
Britney: "Hayden and Rachel are still talking."

Ragan is telling Matt/Britney that he said to "institutionalize" Andrew during his vote.

7:00pm BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Hayden told Lane that Rachel is probably gonna put him (Hayden) and Kristen up this week. Hayden said that it all comes down to POV.

Lane said that after this week, Rachel/Brendon are gonna have huge targets on their backs. (**What else is new?? lol)

7:04pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Kristen is secluding herself & napping in the Cabana Room.

7:07pm BBT:
Backyard by the Pool

Rachel: "This means that we both go to Jury now!"

They both kiss.

Rachel: "But it's still gonna be a constant fight for us."
Rachel told Brendon about her convo with Hayden.

Brendon: "It's gonna be interesting to see who's really on our side, and who's not."
Rachel: "I can't believe I just won, Brendon!"
Brendon: "I know. You did good!"

**The feeds are full of action tonight!!

7:16pm BBT:
Palm Bedroom

Lane said that Hayden told him (Lane) that if Hayden wins POV, he's using it on himself..Kristen will go home.

Lane: "Hayden's safe either way." (**He's got the Brigade on his side.)

Matt: "Rachel is saying about floaters needing to go home, but she's putting up Hayden who won an HOH? Whatever. What if Kristen wins POV?"

Lane: "Then Kathy's gotta go up."

Lane & Matt then talk about how the Brigade is still running the house. They have the votes. They're already talking about getting Brendon/Rachel out next week.

Matt: "NEXT WEEK! Next f**king week! This ends next week. I'm sick of this sh*t."
Lane: "That was LUCK that she won (HOH)!"

7:23pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Rachel comes out of the house and told Brendon she just went into the Cabana Room and tried to apologize to Kristen, but she was rude and said she didn't accept it.

Brendon: "Well I'm proud of you for trying at least!"

7:24pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Kristen is bitching about how Rachel just came in and tried to apologize.

Hayden: "Well..I went in and apologized to Rachel."

Britney comes in.

Britney: "I'm proud of you for handling things the way you did. I would have been in a fetile postion screaming 'STOPPPP!!'"
They both laugh.

Kristen: "I'm more pissed off that I didn't win HOH than anything, because I knew if I didn't win, then this would happen!"

7:32pm BBT:
Pool Table

Enzo asked why Hayden/Kristen kept their showmance a secret. Brendon thinks maybe because Kristen has a (or had? lol) a boyfriend outside the house.

Talk turns to about Andrew's epic speech.

Enzo: "Dude, he went crazy! His speech was good, man! I was like what the f**k! He definitley blew up the house."

Brendon: "Yea, that was a good speech! He taking EVERYBODY down..BOOM BOOM BOOM!"
Enzo: "I'm gonna miss Andrew, man. I liked him."

Enzo continues.

Enzo: "Man..f**kin' secret alliances goin' on, secret romances..I was thinking 'man, I gotta get involved more in the house!'" (*LOL)

Enzo: "That was some GREAT great tv!! What a crazy game, man. BB...this is it, man. This is it!"

7:52pm BBT:
The boys are still playing pool.

Enzo: "Captain f**kin' Craziness."

Lane comes out and says they wanna cook dinner at 8pm.

8:10pm BBT:

Backyard Couch Area
Britney (Off-Cam)/Brendon/Rachel/Enzo

The 4 of them have been talking about what happend between Kristen & Rachel as soon as the show ended. Enzo said the f-word was dropped A LOT and that their fight is gonna be 2 episodes.

Britney: "What do you think is gonna happen when you (Rachel) come out and go 'Who wants to see my HOH room?!!'"

Rachel: "Kristen probably won't come up."
Enzo: "You think?"
Rachel: "I went in (to the Cabana Room) to apologize and she told me apology not accepted!"
Enzo: "WOOOOOOOW!! She's got balls, man!"

8:15pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Hayden has been in there with Kristen for some time now, but just got called into the Diary Room.

Kristen is saying that she will not accept Rachel's apology, even if it bites her in the ass.

Kristen: "I didn't do anything to get treated like that."
She thanks Ragan/Matt for being so positive and trying to cheer her up.

Matt: "Well, you still got the POV comp."
Kristen: "Yeah."

**Alright guys & gals, I'm outty for the night! See y'all in the morning with The Overighter!! Enjoy the feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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