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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Afternoon in the BB House

Guys & gals, if you don't have the live feeds yet, you might wanna start thinking about getting them right now! Andrew said he's going to be calling a house meeting! DRAAAMMMAAA!!! :D He's going to be calling out Kristen/Hayden, and like he told Brendon, it's to take the target off of Brendon's back. If Andrew can't win BB, then he wants Brendon to win it and he'll do anything he can to help before he gets evicted. As of when the house meeting will happen, nobody (but Andrew) knows. He told Enzo at 12pm BBT that he definitely will be having one today though.

Currently on the live feeds...

12:50pm BBT:
Storage Room

Ragan told Matt to just not say anything during the house meeting and to just listen.

Ragan: "Who knows what he's going to say!"

1:10pm BBT:
It's HOH picture time!!! Matt got his camera about 10 minutes ago and he's roaming all over the inside & outside of the house taking pictures.

BB: "Britney, STOP THAT!!"

Enzo, sleeping...

Kathy & Britney:

1:14pm BBT:
Dining Table

Andrew is eating some baby food.

Andrew: "So tired of this shit. I really am." (re: eating baby food)

Most of the other HG's are either poolside or in the backyard somewhere.

Enzo is sleeping on the backyard couch still, Ragan is inside trying to take a nap in the Palm bedroom.

1:37pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Brendon is giving Andrew a pep talk to keep fighting.
Brendon: "You're letting these motherf**kers beat you! You have votes!"
Andrew: "Okay, I'll fight to stay."
Brendon: "You deserve to be here more than Kathy! You need to pick yourself up and fight!"

Andrew is crying.

Brendon: "You got here being exactly who you are! Embrace it! Let them know that you're an emotional guy! You have a VERY GOOD SHOT of staying!"
Andrew: "Do you think I should do it?" (House meeting)
Brendon: "When you're ready! No rush! Be strong, man! Be strong for your daughter! You're a good man! A very good man! Let your daughter be your strength!"

Brendon: "I don't want you to fu**ing go! If I could, I'd trade places with you! Do NOT let self-pity slow you up! You do not deserve to be out of this house! If nothing else, I will try to get more votes for you tomorrow! FIGHT!! Don't give up!!"

Brendon leaves the room. Andrew dries his eyes and seems to thinking and searching for strength inside to fight the good fight!


BB: "Andrew, please go to the Diary Room."

2:27pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Kathy and Enzo are talking about votes.

(**I just now noticed that every time Kathy talks, I have this strong urge to switch camera feeds. lol She sounds like Charlie Browns mom to me. Wah wha whaaa.)

Kathy told Enzo that Brendon/Rachel/Andrew are in the Cabana Room talking. (Andrew is actually in the Diary Room. Rachel/Brendon are in there, though. Kissing/flirting.)

2:38pm BBT:
Ragan/Lane/Britney are talking poolside about movie stars. Current one, Katie Holmes.

2:49pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

The boys are going through past comps for tomorrows (probably) mental HOH comp. Enzo tells Hayden that Andrew is a strong competitor and he's been very close to winning comps. Enzo praised Andrew for being so strong and physical in the comps but stated that he has to go tomorrow.

3:26pm BBT:
Hot Tub

The boys are talking about tomorrow's HOH comp and what it might be. Matt said he blogged about the Brigade in his HOH blog. (He just got done writing his HOH blog around 2:30pm BBT).

Question to all you addicts:
What do you think about Andrew planning on calling a house meeting? Do you think it will help his game play? Help Brendon's game play (by taking the target off of Brendon by outing Hayden/Kristen's secret alliance)? Or Hurt Andrew and/or Brendon's game play? Leave your thoughts in the comment section!! :D

(Keep refreshing...)

Stay tuned...

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