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Monday, July 26, 2010

Morning in the BB House

While I was finishing up the Overnighter, there was some game talk already going on between Brendon & Rachel. So let's just dive right on into the Morning in the BB house post! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

8:20am BBT:
Backyard Couch

Rachel told Brendon that they have to focus on winning HOH comps more and that if Andrew stays this week, then it'll be Bren/Rach/Andrew/Ragan playing for the HOH title, which are good odds. Rachel said that the others (Hayden/Kris/Lane) don't even care about winning HOH because they just play emotional games with the other HG's and that's their only strategy at this point.

Brendon, knowing that Enzo is pissed that he's on his 2nd week of being a Have Not, is going to use that to get him even more pissed off at "the others" that dropped out of the HOH comp so early.

Talk turns to how they (Bren/Rach) need to start drifting apart from each other in the house.

Brendon: "We definitely need to split up more. I love spending time with you, but we gotta be on opposite ends of the house more so that people need to go really out of their way to talk game."

Brendon then asked Rachel about Britney and where she stands in the house.

Brendon: "You need to talk to Brit more and see where she stands."
Rachel: "I already did. She's with us."
Brendon: "But was she serious?"
Rachel: "Yeah, I believed her."
Brendon: "I think you need to talk to her one more see where she stands...because I don't trust her. You need to ask her again and watch her body language. See where she is looking with her eyes..see how she reacts. You need to seriously ask her again 'are you putting me & Brendon up on the block'?"

Rachel: "I really don't think she is coming after us"
Brendon: "You don't think that she is still pissed for sending her best friend home?"
Rachel: "No, I think she understands why I did it and I fully explained it to her"

Brendon still isn't convinced that Britney wouldn't be gunning for the both of them.

Brendon then talk about Enzo again. He says that "Stage 4" of his plan for Enzo is to tell him that people that he trusts are telling him (Brendon) that they would put Enzo up on the block if they win HOH. He wants Enzo to continue to build his paranoia about the other side of the house.

8:50am BBT:
They talked about Kristen/Hayden and wonder where she stand with them (Bren/Rach). They noticed Kris talking to Kathy a lot the past couple of days. Rachel thinks Brendon should only talk to Hayden and see if they're still good with them (Kris/Hay). If they say yes and go back on their word, then he'll call'em out on it.

Talk turns to winning HOH and who would Brendon put up.

Brendon: "I'd probably put up Lane and Kristen."

Brendon thinks that Kristen wouldn't be nearly as calm as she is if she was on the block.

8:52am BBT:
BB wakes up the other HG's for the day. Rachel said she needs to make sure that Brit/Kathy are still against each other & keep telling Britney that she's not her (Rachel's) target.

9:00am BBT:
Sunset Room

Kristen told Hayden that Kathy is really upset that Rachel told her (Kat) that Kristen/Hayden are a "couple" in the house.

Kristen said that if sh (Kris) wins HOH, she's putting Rachel up on the block.

Talk turns to about who to get out this week. Hayden thinks it's 50/50 of either of them going home this week. (Andrew/Kathy) Kristen said that even though she loves Kathy, they need Andrew to stay in the game & that they made Andrew a promise & they can't go back on it.

9:30am BBT:
Sunset Room

Kathy & Kristen are talking about various things..from breakfast being made in the kitchen, to Brendon/Rachel.

They can smell eggs being cooked in the kitchen.

"Is everyone up?"
Kathy: "Pretty much."

Talk switches to the next HOH comp.
Kathy: "They (Bren/Rach) can win every other week.)
Kristen: "Ughh..if Brendon or Rachel win HOH, I'm gonna..freak out."

9:38am BBT:

Kristen is telling Ragan that she didn't sleep last night because she's not sure who to vote for this week.

Ragan: "This is so hard."

Kristen: "I know. And I feel like, a lot of people are gonna ask 'if I keep you this week, what are you going to do for me', and that's no right. Too early in the game to do that."

Ragan said he wants Andrew & Kathy to tell them why they (the HG's) should logically keep them in the house this week. He knows that Kathy said that she "needs to be here" but he wants to know WHY she "needs" to be there.

Ragan: "This is tough!!"
Kristen: "I know."

Feeds auto-switch to...

9:46am BBT:
Backyard Couch

Lane is telling Enzo that Brendon is voting to keep Andrew in the house this week.

Enzo: "We need to get Andrew the f**k outta here, man."

**There's a ton of game talk this morning, the feeds are on fire! If you got'em, turn them on!!

10:45am BBT:
HOH Room

Lane: "If Andrew & Brendon are working together, and.."
Matt: "Brendon & Rachel..the house is heavily shifted to keeping Kathy. So Brend/Rach hearing that, probably don't wanna vote against the I bet they went to Andrew and said "we will keep you this week if you keep us safe next week"."
Lane: "(Andrew) and Brendon could easily have an alliance together, and just keeping it a secret like the Brigade."
Lane: "If I'm going off this mornings instincts (of Brendon/Andrew being in an alliance together), I want Andrew out this week."

They recall Andrew's jumping up & down after Rachel won HOH last week and how it seems obvious that there's a tie between Brendon/Rachel/Andrew.

Britney walks in, wearing just a shirt and boots.

Hayden: "Is that what you're wearing for the veto meeting?"
Britney: "Yea, why? You don't like it?"
Hayden: "No, you look hot."
Lane: "You're not wearing pants? You free-balling it?"

Lane is teasing Britney like a brother would.

Lane: "Veto meeting is going to start in 20 mins, you look like sh*t, go fix it." (*LOL)
Britney: "I'll go put pants on! Geezz!"

Talk turns to Brendon & Andrew.

Matt said that if Bren/Andrew are in an alliance & they're faking hating each other, then that's more scary that anything (because they're a secret team).

Lane/Hayden leave the HOH room.
Britney and Matt continue talking.

Matt: "Nobody wants Kathy's out..they'll drag her to the end! She's not a threat."
Britney: "If Andrew doesn't go this week, then when would he get out? He's gonna make it to the end."
Matt: "No, KATHY would! Nobody is gonna gun after her."

11:04am BBT:
Sunset Room

Hayden & Kristen talked about the votes..again. They don't know what to do.

Rachel comes in.

She said that she has no idea at all what Brendon is doing because she's not talking to him on the voting thing...they always get into a fight when they do (because Rach wants Kathy to stay, Bren wants Kathy to go).

Kristen leaves.
Rachel is whispering super low, then talking really her mic volume is funky and making it hard to hear. And BB just yelled at Hayden for not having his mic on, so it was kinda hard to hear him as well for a minute or two.

Rachel asked Hayden if her & Brendon are safe with him. He said yea.

Rachel said she's asking because the game changes so fast. She also reassures him that they (Bren/Rach) will not gun after him until they have to later on in the game.

11:27am BBT:
BB calls for outside lockdown. Veto ceremony starting shortly! As soon as the Veto Ceremony is over, I'll post the results in a new post & start the Afternoon post! :D It'll be around 12:30pm BBT that the feeds will come back on (they're still on for the moment but will go off shortly.)

Stay tuned...

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