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Monday, July 26, 2010

Late Afternoon/Early Evening in the BB House

WOW..whatta crazzyyyy day on the live feeds today!! If you haven't been to the blog all day, then go read the afternoon post. The jist of it is: Andrew screwed himself over. lol :P He said something during today's Veto Ceremony & now the house (minus one or two HG's) are planning to vote Andrew out.

Let's dive into the Afternoon/Early Evening post. The HG's are winding down for the moment..eating, relaxing, etc.

Currently on the live feeds...

5:20pm BBT:


Ragan cut his hair. Matt came in and helped Ragan for a minute.

The HG's just got done eating dinner.

5:28pm BBT:

Rachel & Brendon made up. (Shocker, I know. lol)

Rachel: "I feel like we're a soap opera...just with us two." (**I concur.)

5:42pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Andrew: "So do you read your letter from home a lot?"
Matt: "Everyday! Everyday."
Andrew: "So your wife is doing good?"
Matt: "Yea! You can read the letter..she said that people are going over to the house and staying overnight to help her."

6:18pm BBT:
A look around the house...

Lane/Britney are shooting pool.

Brendon/Rachel are laughing/flirting/goofing around in the Cabana Room. Kathy is also in there with them.

Kathy is telling them that the only 2 votes she knows she has is Rachel's and Britney's.

6:33pm BBT:


Ragan was talking to Hay/Brit/Lane about the whole "lifelong friends" in the house thing. They wonder if that was a lie that Annie told to create paranoia, or if there are friends in the house. Ragan believes there is and told Britney that he thought that Brit/Monet were the friends.

6:44pm BBT:

Britney told Hayden that she wants to win HOH but she's afraid whoever wins HOH this week, will be the following weeks target. They then talked about how scary it'd be if Brendon/Rachel won HOH this week.

7:22pm BBT:

Britney: "Nobody's doing anything?"
Andrew: "Everyone is around, scattered."

7:24pm BBT:

The feeds auto-switched to the last 5 seconds of their convo. This is all I was able to get from it...

Kristen: "Yeah. We have to keep Kathy here.."

7:30pm BBT:

The 3 out of 4 Brigade members are outside working out. (Enzo is off-camera.)

The boys are talking about how it makes no sense for Andrew to say what he did at the Veto Meeting today. Matt said that Ragan was going to ask Andrew if he's in an alliance with Brendon.

Matt: "Ragan is gonna ask Andrew, so just let him do the dirty work. He's going to come back and tell me everything 'in confidence' anyways." (paraphrasing)

Hayden thinks that if they (Bren/Andrew) are not in an alliance, then they have to be the lifelong friends in the house.

**...and scene. ;) I'm out for the night guys & gals! Enjoy the live feeds & Showtime After Dark (starts @ 12am EST). See y'all in the morning with the Overnighter! G'dnight!! :D

Stay tuned...

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