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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Overnighter (Cliffnotes Edition)

Good morning, BB addicts! Happy Tuesday! :D Last night, the feeds were pretty calm so I'm just gonna do a quick Cliffnotes Edition of The Overnighter. The summary of The Overnighter is that it looks like it's a for sure thing that Kathy is staying this week! Andrew's little Veto Ceremony speech sealed his fate in the game. Enzo/Matt both stated last night that once it gets down to the Jury, Kathy will be the first one to go.

The Overnighter:

*Lane told Matt/Ragan that he is no longer gonna commit a vote to anyone until the day of elimination, since the game keeps changing.

*Andrew asked Matt that if he ends up getting the 4 votes to stay this week (making it a tie & Matt having to be the tie breaker as HOH), to please keep his word & not vote him out. Matt said "As long as you keep your word about not going after me." Andrew said he wouldn't gun after him.

*Kristen told Kathy that Hayden & herself are voting for her to stay this week. Hayden confirmed this to Kathy. Kathy thanked them for the support.

*Britney asked production in the Diary Room if (1) The beeping devices were from the saboteur & they said yes. (2) She asked if the "lifelong friends" thing is true, and they didn't say yes or no either way.

*Kristen told Hayden that it's a "lock" that Kathy is staying in the house this week.

*Kristen/Hayden are being extra careful about not cuddling/sleeping in bed anymore, which they both hate but need to do for their game play. Lane gave Hayden the advice to be more distant from each other in the house.

*Britney is still convinced that Hayden/Kristen are related.

*Matt asked Britney who she'd put up as HOH. She said Brendon/Rachel.
*Matt told Britney that he was stupid this week & he should have put up Brendon/Rachel.

*Matt/Britney think that if Brendon or Rachel won HOH this week, they'd put up Kristen/Hayden. Britney said that Kristen would leave over Hayden since everyone likes Hayden.

*Matt/Enzo think that if Brendon gets evicted, Rachel will just walk out of the house & quit BB.

*Enzo is missing his wifey pretty bad & said that he doesn't need to see Brendon/Rachel's makeout sessions.

*Enzo told Matt that the Brigade should do their own thing come Final 6...Matt said "I thought it was Final 4?"..then Enzo changed his mind to Final 4.

And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D

There was a lot of talk about this Thursday's HOH comp. Everyone is wondering who they'd put up, who'd be their target, who to use as pawns, etc etc. It sounds like the HG's are pretty much done with this week...Kathy will stay...Andrew will go home...move on to the next HOH comp & let a whole new week of drama, paranoia, and scheming commence! ;)

As soon as the HG's wake up for the morning, I'll start the Morning post! :D

Stay tuned...

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