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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Overnighter

Goooood morning, fellow addicts! :D Happy Friday!! The weekend is just about here w00t w00t!! Okay, since I'm getting a little bit of a later start than usual to do The Overnighter, I'm just gonna dive right into a few things...

1) If you haven't yet seen Andrew's speech, you can check it out here.

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3) I'm going to be posting a once-a-week article called "Big Brother Cynic" by Drew. Drew is a college sports writer who got bullied into watching Big Brother 10 by his beautiful bride-to-be and has now developed an instant love/hate relationship with our favorite reality TV show. Here is the 1st article of "Big Brother Cynic" from last week. (**I didn't have time to post it during the week, but I'll start posting the articles every Friday during Nominations.) This weeks article will be posted this afternoon!

4) There's new polls on the right side of the blog, so make sure to go vote!!

Okie dokie, let me go gather up The Overnighter & see what the HG's were up to as we slept! :D

**The HG's are already up for the day (super early!!), so I'm gonna give a Cliffnotes'ish version (with pics) of The Overnighter.

Brief Cliffnotes:
*Kristen said she won't be fake in the house, no matter if that means she'll go home.

*The Brigade is hoping that Kristen DOESN'T win POV tomorrow so that she will go home over Hayden.

*Rachel said repeatably to all HG's that she tried to apologize to Kristen.

8:44pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dining Room

Britney and Enzo did some normal/Jersey back n' forth talk, which made Britney crack up.

Enzo said the way he talks is fine, he's from the East Coast. That's how they talk.

8:43pm BBT:
Most HG's

The HG's cooked & ate together (well, most of the HG's), since there are no Have Nots for the week. Ragan was in a (what he called) a "food coma". Enzo called Ragan "food drunk". (**LOL)

9:10pm BBT:
Storage Room

Rachel apologized to Kathy for losing it & verbally attacking Kathy earlier
(after the show went off & before the feeds came back on).

Kathy said she has nothing to be sorry for, everything is fine.

(**Kathy went and bashed Rachel with Kristen for hours last night after this little meeting)

11:07pm BBT:
Cabana Room

Rachel entered the Cabana Room, sat down and...

Kristen: (as Rachel is sitting down) "You don't need to smirk at me like that, Rachel."
Rachel: "What, am I not allowed in the Cabana Room anymore?"
Kristen: "No, you can! Just don't smirk at me like that. I'm trying to create walk into the room, and.."
Rachel: "You're middle name is drama!" (**Pot, meet kettle. ;) )

Rachel: "Grow up, Kristen!"

11:30pm BBT:
HOH Room
All HG's except Kristen

Rachel got a letter from her sister. Rachel said her sister is "soul mate". She also got some hair stuff, Spice Girl CD, granola, LIFE cereal, popcorn, cheese, veggies, and Champagne.

12:28pm BBT:

Hayden & Lane both hope that Kristen doesn't win POV tomorrow. They need to keep the Brigade members safe this week, so they're trying to get Kristen out (including Hayden).

Other cliffnotes:
*Kathy told Kristen "I can't be in this house without you."

*Rachel didn't talk to any HG's last night because Ragan/Brendon told her she wasn't in the right frame of mind to do so & to wait until today.

*The HOH room got a new remote (since Matt hacked the previous one.)

Okay, that's it for The Overnighter!! BB woke up the HG's hella early this morning because they're having some kind of comp around 9am BBT. Possible luxury.

Stay tuned...

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