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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Live Eviction + HOH Comp + Twist Info!!

Good afternoon, fellow addicts! ;) Tonight is the *LIVE* eviction plus the HOH Comp!! The show starts tonight at 8pm EST on CBS, we will see the Live Eviction & HOH Comp!! Who will get evicted tonight?

Kathy or Andrew?

Well, unless some miracle happens between now and the voting, it looks like Andrew will be leaving the house tonight.

Don't forget, Andrew said tonight he's going to be giving an "epic speech" before he gets evicted!! You'll definitely wanna watch the show tonight!!

I will be opening up the Chat Room at 7pm EST as always, and I will also have you West Coasters covered. ;)

BREAKING NEWS: released an article today stating theres a few tricks up Allison Grodner's sleeves!!

*The saboteur may not be dead after all! You’ll find out more tonight (July 29).

*BB11's Jeff will be back too. Jeff might be spending the night in the house in a couple of weeks!!

*BB will eventually explain the "lifelong friends" thing!

(If you didn't already know, BB11's Jeff is doing a web-show on called "Around The World For Free", where America can offer him advice and even a place to stay.)

Can't wait to find out more info tonight during the live show!! :D

If you don't have the Live Feeds yet, now is the time to get'em!! We will have a new HOH tonight, new drama in the house this week, and the game starts all over beginning tonight! It comes with a 3 Day Free Trial, so check'em out for yourself!!

*Get Your Live Feeds 3 Day Free Trial Here!!*

*Enter the Chat Room*

Kristen votes to evict...Andrew.
Rachel votes to evict...Andrew.
Britney votes to evict...Andrew.
Enzo votes to evict...Andrew.
Brendon votes to evict...Andrew. (Brendon: "I hate to do it, but..")
Lane votes to evict...Andrew.
Hayden votes to evict...Andrew.
Ragan votes to evict...Andrew.

Evicted from the BB house is:


The HOH Comp is a mental comp.

The New HOH is:


**Bye bye, Kristen! ;)

Stay tuned...
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