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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans! Happy Saturday to all of you!! Today the HG's have the POV to play for. Hayden has been saying pretty much every hour, on the hour, that he hopes either himself or Kristen can get taken off the block & as long as Kathy is the renom, then whoever is left on the block beside her (Hay or Kris), should be safe. So it'll be an interesting day on the feeds for sure!!

Okay, let me go gather up The Overnighter & see what the hamsters were up to last night. ;)

8:14pm BBT:

The HG's got the POV comp set up to practice for today's POV comp. They all took turns practicing.

Rachel: "I don't think it's luck, I think it's a lot of skill involved."
Hayden: "I honestly don't think there's that much skill involved..the ball just bounces where ever."

The game is like a large pinball machine, but with a lot less places for the ball to bounce from.

**Sidenote: Today is Matt's birthday. He told Hayden last night that "tomorrow" (today) is his bday. he turned 30. Enzo told him that you're more "established" in your 30's.

9:53pm BBT:
Hot Tub

Britney told Lane that nothing has gone the way she wanted to yet, so she hopes that Kristen will leave this week.

Obviously, wanting his fellow Brigade member safe, Lane agreed that Kristen has to go.

12:24am BBT:
HOH Room

Matt & Britney found Rachel's hair extensions and put them on. lol :P

Ragan: "Are we all, like..delirious right now?"

Matt: "I told you earlier, I think I'm cracking in here."

Britney starts mocking Rachel & what Rach said right after she won HOH this week.


Britney then did a lil shimmy like Rach does. :P

Ragan is cracking up, Matt told Britney her impression was pretty good. lol

**If you wanna watch this little gem on the Flashback Feeds, start around 12:20am BBT. It's hilarious!!

12:22am BBT:
Britney looked up at the HOH tv and saw Rachel/Brendon coming in..her draw dropped, then Rachel/Brendon came into the HOH room and started laughing at Britney.

Rachel: "OH.MY.GOD!!" (laughing really loud)

Britney started to do her Rachel impression for Rachel's entertainment.

Britney goes out the HOH door & comes right back in, screaming...

Rachel loved the impression & was laughing really hard. (*LOL)

**Look for a Diary Room session with Brit/Rach. They went in together around 12;30am BBT. That's gotta make it into an episode!! lol

12:58am BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel told Brendon that as long as Kristen doesn't win the POV, then everything will be fine.

Talk turned to Matt. Brendon wants to get him out of the house soon. He thinks Matt is only loyal to Ragan & that Matt stirs up stuff. Rachel agreed with Brendon.

Then talk turned to about Kathy.
Rachel: "I wish we could get Kathy out this week." (**Be careful of what you wish for, darlin'.)

1:05am BBT:
Brendon/Rachel are still talking about possible renoms if Kris get off the block. Brendon told Rachel that they'd have to put up Lane to get Hayden out. But then they both said that anybody going up against Kristen would make Kris go home.

They're both worried that Kathy could win the POV and save Kristen. They also both think that if Hayden goes home, then they could possibly get Lane on their side. Brendon wonders if they can make a deal with Hayden to keep him safe this week, if he promises to keep Brend/Rach safe for the upcoming weeks.

1:38am BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon was listening to Rachel's Spice Girls CD and dancing in bed, mouthing lyrics as Rachel was brushing her teeth in the HOH bathroom. :P

Meanwhile, downstairs...

1:38am BBT:

Kathy, fresh out of the Diary Room, told Kristen/Hayden that she'd go home for them because she can't stand being in the house with Rachel/Brendon. Hayden told Kathy that if she wins POV and saves Kristen, then he'd go home because Rachel would probably put up Enzo or Lane. Kathy then started to talk about floaters..she called Matt/Lane/Enzo floaters.

2:38am BBT:
HOH Room

Making good use out of their HOH room privacy, Brenchel had sex..again. lol Lots of fast hip thrusting from Brendon under the covers.

And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D The HG's are up for the day already, so let me start the morning report!

Stay tuned...

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