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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans!! :D It's Thursday which means it's *Live Show Day*!!! w00t w00t!!! Will Kathy go? Or will Andrew? Well, it looks like Andrew is going. :( Personally (and I don't think I'm alone), I'd love to see Kathy go. The only hope of Andrew staying is his speech today that he's going to give during the live show, but it's highly doubtful that it'll make any sort of impact for him to stay in the game. Andrew's speech is gonna be geared towards taking the target off of Brendon's back anyways, not saving himself in the game.

I'm very anxious to see who will be the new HOH for the week & what they will do as far as nominations tomorrow! Ragan already said (twice) that he's throwing tomorrow's HOH comp, Rachel said if she wins she's putting up Kristen, Britney told both Rachel and Lane that if she wins HOH, she's also going to gun for Kristen. If Enzo/Lane/Hayden win HOH, they're gunning for Brendon/Rachel...and this time, there won't be any "backdooring"..they will be put up on the block from the get-go.

Alright, I've already started on the Overnighter (just gotta get the screencaps), so keep refreshing as I post it in sections! :D

8:54pm BBT:

Britney was telling Lane that she wants Kristen out of the house. Lane said that the "whole house" would pissed off at her (for not nom'ing Brendon/Rachel).

Britney: "But the whole house doesn't have that 1 person coming after them. I'm thinking for what's best for Britney, not what's best for Lane. She hates me for no reason & she wants me outta the house and I don't know why!"

Brendon asked Lane if he'd ever put up Brendon/Rachel.

Lane: "If they went after me, too!"
Britney: "Well, Brendon and Rachel aren't gunning after me."

9:26pm BBT:

Rachel told Brendon that if he wins HOH, she has a good speech that she'd like to make if he will let her get feisty.

Rachel: "If I win (HOH), all f**kin' bets are off. Don't worry, I'll be the bad guy, you can be the nice one."

Rachel then started to laugh during her workout saying that she wonders if America is sick of them making out & flirting all the time. (**FYI, they were kissing in the middle of their workout. lol)

10:03pm BBT:
HOH Room

Talk was about tomorrow's HOH comp. They're all wondering what kind it will be. They believe it'll be a mental comp, but not sure what kind. They talk about past mental HOH comp such as the phone calls from America that get played all night long in the BB house over the loudspeaker.

Ragan: "Not to be rude, but BB needs to come up with new games!" (*lol)

Brendon talked about keeping Andrew in the house. After he left the HOH room, Ragan said...

Ragan: "Rachel...Brendon should stop! (laughs) He needs to stop (trying to keep Andrew in the game)."
Rachel: "I know. I already tried to tell him that a million times."

12:09am BBT:
Pool Table

Lane: "Have you uhh..talked everyone to see if they're on the same page as far as putting the same 2 people up?" (Brendon/Rachel)
Enzo: "In the house? Or just the Brigade?"
Lane: "The house."
Enzo: "Hey, you talk to Britney? Cuz she's been getting close to Rachel now."

Lane lies.

Lane: "She told me a couple days ago, that she wasn't going to because (Bren/Rach) aren't coming after her, but she told me today that it was smart if she were to put them up."

12:25am BBT:
Sunset Room

Andrew told Rachel/Brendon that he's going to "reveal" something tomorrow.

Andrew: " take the targets off your backs.
Rachel: "What..what is it?"
Andrew: (touches Rachels arm, smiling and exited) "You'll find out tomorrow!"
Rachel: "I don't think anything will take the target off of our backs."
Andrew: "Then I can walk out of the house...feeling relieved that all the truth is out there."
Rachel: "It is about Kristen/Hayden's alliance? Because everyone already knows."
Andrew: "They do?"
Rachel: "Well, yeah. Is that what you were going to say tomorrow?"
Andrew: *grins* "Maybe."

Andrew goes on to say that what he says tomorrow (, won't hurt Brendon or Rachel at all, so it's worth the shot and he'll be happy leaving the house then. Brendon laughed and called him crazy, but told him to do whatever he feels he wants to do.

12:29am BBT:
Dining Table

They said they need to get Kathy out soon. And Rachel (aka 'Big Bazookas'). And Brendon (aka "Needled*ck"). Hayden said he thinks Rachel will take herself out, but Enzo thinks she will freak, but end up staying and fighting.

Enzo then noticed that Ragan is still up in the HOH room.

Enzo: "Is Ragan still up (in the HOH room)? Man, that dude is a CREEPER!! Always f**kin' creepin', man!"

Talk turns to side-alliances.
Enzo: "Hayden's got Kristen, you (Lane) got Britney, and I got the rest of the f**king house."

1:30am BBT:
HOH Room

Hayden, confused on why Britney is hanging out with Rachel so much lately, asked if she would put up Brendon & Rachel if she won HOH.

Britney: "It seems to be the house decision, right?"

They all say yes.

Enzo joined the crew in the HOH room.

Enzo: "Andrew is going crazy! He's going to give a speech about a secret alliance."

Enzo also said that half of the house doesn't wanna win HOH this week and that means, the better the odds for Brendon/Rachel to win HOH which is not good.

2:51am BBT:
All but Enzo/Matt have left the HOH room. Enzo told Matt he's scared that Andrew is gonna out the Brigade alliance. He then said that worse case scenario, the house will know and be scared of their alliance..and that's if anyone even believes him. He said that Andrew has noticed the guys (The Brigade) always working out together and hanging out together, talking.

That's it for The Overnighter!! :D Starting the morning post in a minute!

Stay tuned...

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